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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today is all about the place I spend the most time relaxing, the family room. We have a formal living room in the front of the house and a family room at the back of the house, and I really love the idea of the family room being super comfortable, warm and inviting. Our family room is connected to the kitchen which is perfect for entertaining, especially since it connects to the back porch as well.

Before moving, our family room theme had warmer tones: browns, tans & dark reds. I wanted to carry that into our new house and keep our formal living room more light and colorful. We didn't have a TV at our old place (Stephen had a projector and no way was that going in our family room) so we also needed a TV stand. Since we had a darker coffee table, we decided to look for a white TV stand so that the colors weren't off by a few shades. Stephen found our TV stand on Wayfair (he also picked out our rug too) and we love it! The size, look and color is perfect and it ties the room together perfectly.

I still need to style the TV stand

I wanted to do some sort of gallery wall in the family room, but Stephen was having a hard time with the asymmetry. I made sure that all of the picture frames fit together to form a large rectangle so at least the outside was symmetrical ;) I still need to paint the unfinished "H" but can't decide what color to make it. 

Stephen actually found our rug at Homegoods and I wasn't sold on it at first, but I'm really glad he convinced me to buy it!

This was my original inspiration for the family room

TV Stand: Wayfair
Rug: Homegoods
Sofa & Coffee Table: Ashley
Pillows & Curtains: Target


  1. Wow I love this room! Love the couch. And that view... holy cow I'm jealous! that is gorgeous

  2. It looks like everything is really starting to come together! It's so sweet how you two are decorating together. :)

  3. You have the best curtains!! I love this room - it looks so cozy and really love your wedding canvases! I love how many of your rooms have access to the outside - that is SO nice!

  4. This screams warm and cozy, I love it! The view from this room is perfect too! Xo, Stephanie