Home Tour Tuesday | Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm so excited to finally start sharing some pictures of the new house Stephen and I just moved into (and just moved was like 3 weeks ago). Our full story of how we found our house is here.

I'm kicking off my house tour series with our master bedroom and bathroom. I do have to warn everyone that the house is still a mess and super empty. We're just now starting to get out picture frames, but it's hard because there is a lot more furniture we need to buy and I'll want to use some of our frames for those pieces. I'll definitely keep posts coming with updates as they come along.

Here are some pictures of the bedroom and bathroom before we moved in. I didn't include any pictures of the bathroom after we moved in because it looks pretty much the same. I'll definitely post some more pictures when we get more things in the bathroom. 

We really need to replace all of the blinds in the house but we figured we'd work on that later since they are all functional. The day after we moved in, we heard a big crash and saw that the sliding blinds in our room had completely fallen out of the wall! So we had to make a mad dash to Target to get a curtain rod and some blackout curtains. They're actually working out really well and I'm glad we were able to get them at such short notice. 

When we got our furniture delivered, they brought the wrong mirror so we had to get that delivered a few weeks later. It really makes a big difference having a mirror on the dresser.

I found this picture at the Kirklands' big sale last weekend and thought the colors were perfect for our room!

I'm obsessed with the amount of room we have in our closet now! There is so much storage and things aren't busting at the seams anymore. I still need to create a jewelry area on the chest of drawers and get some better shoe organization. 

Furniture: Ashley Furniture
Bedding & Green Pillows: At Home
Mr & Mrs Pillow: Homegoods
White Picture Frames: Bed, Bath & Beyond


  1. It looks GREAT! I love your bedroom furniture! We are hoping to buy a house next year and while I'm sure it's a ton of work, I am excited for a blank canvas to decorate!

  2. Beautiful! I really like it. A weird fantasy of mine is having a walk-in closet with a secret area at the back, maybe a computer room or reading nook.

  3. Looks great! I love that you guys have access to outside from your room and your Mr. & Mrs. pillow is too cute! When we moved in I was most excited for that big closet - such a difference it makes!

  4. Gorgeous! First of all - good job taking such good pics of the place empty! I wish I had done that. Second, your furniture is beautiful. Also, wish we still had a Kirklands close by...I miss it. Love the picture!

  5. It looks like it's really coming together! You have so much wonderful space!

  6. I am loving your bedroom set! And that closet makes me jealous! Xo, Stephanie

    1. Thanks! I figured the bedroom set was something fun and different! I am loving being able to walk into my closet and see all my clothes in front of me instead of trying to move everything around lol