NYC | Day 1

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I am so excited to finally blog about our trip to NYC (3 weeks go...). We seriously had the best time and saw so much in our short time there. Before I get into it, I want to give you some back story. At Stephen's company, certain people are able to "put their names in" to go to conferences to represent the company. Since Stephen is constantly working, he hasn't been able to throw his name in; well, a NY opportunity presented itself in the form of an Astronomy conference and Stephen was finally able to request to go - and he got picked! Immediately, we talked about me tagging along and turning it into a NYC trip. Stephen's never had the desire to visit NYC, but I've been dying to go so in his mind, why not go when half the trip is paid for!? ;)

So with 2 weeks notice, we got to planning an actual vacation around his conference. It worked out that the conference was on a Saturday and Sunday but Stephen was uneasy with me going into the city alone. Cue my sister being the best sister ever and deciding to use her birthday gift from my parents as a plane ticket to spend the weekend with me so I could come into the city - and really stay with one of her good friends who lives in the city.

So overall, we flew in Friday morning and drove into the city, drove out to the conference location Friday afternoon, spent 2 days in New Jersey and then returned to the city Monday and Tuesday before flying out Wednesday morning. It was the perfect amount of time (although, I wouldn't complain about 1 more day there ;)) and we had so much fun exploring!

Now, I'm finally going to tell you about day 1 lol We were up at like 3:30 am in order to catch our early morning flight to JFK. Once we got there, Stephen needed a rental car for his work priorities so we decided to spend the day in southern Manhattan. I figured the driving should be easier (it wasn't bad!) and we could hit everything in the financial district at once. We parked right near the New One World Trade Center so we visited the memorial before grabbing lunch at a local Irish Pub - the food was alright.

It was sooo cold, windy and rainy - it was drizzling after lunch so we ran into a few stores before going out to explore. We saw the Trade Center memorials again and then explored Wall Street, Trinity Church, NYSE and Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. We headed out that afternoon and drove out to the conference location and setup Stephen's booth. Afterwards, we decided to eat at Olive Garden because I had a gift card lol Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and crashed after an early morning.

I kept thinking of National Treasure with Trinity Church! I'm sure Stephen heard me say "Heree at the Wall" like 100 times

Inside of Tiffany's on Wall Street... little did I know this wasn't THE Tiffany's

Straight ahead, way in the distance, you can see the Statue of Liberty

And one last shot of NJ

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Four on Friday

Friday, April 21, 2017

I'm coming at y'all with a quick FoF because I didn't have time to blog last night (see #2) but I still wanted to share some things :)

Our admin is leaving our group for another one and one of the girls thought it'd be fun for all of us to go do high tea during lunch for her. We went to the sweetest tea room that had the best food (goodbye nutrition plan ;)) and it was so much fun! We all laughed how we all dressed up for the occasion and were very tea-ready. We're definitely making this a semi-regular thing.

The BEST peach/blueberry cobbler ever

We have a new Sky Zone near our house and we've been wanting to go for a while now but never made it over. One of our friends mentioned she wanted to go so a few weeks ago, we got it on the calendar and finally went last night! Oh my goodness, this place was so much more than I thought it was going to be and so much fun!! We are all so sore but it was the best workout. I will say, the foam pit and I didn't get along very well and I'm not a risk taker lol We all can't wait to go back!

I figured I'd share a quick picture of me awkwardly cutting off my face trying to show off my new tank top that I got from J Crew last weekend. I love how it fits and I thought it'd be perfect to wear to casual Friday.

And I just realized my phone auto corrected the "J" to say "job" instead....

This morning, my friend sent me a picture of an adorable find at the Target Dollar section. Both of these are so adorable and I have a feeling I might not be able to decide between the flamingo and pineapple so both might have to come home with me ;) Hopefully they're at Target when I run by during lunch!

Alright, that's it for me! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'll be chained to my embroidery machine - I'm ready to get back into it after a few weeks off

Life Lately

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I figured since so many things have been going on for us, it was time to do a little life update.

As I'm sure most of you have seen on Instagram, we recently got back from a 5 day trip to NYC - I was actually hoping to have some blog posts up this week for it but haven't had time to write them. Stephen had the opportunity to put his name in the running for a conference with work in NY and he got picked! This was an exciting thing for us because he's usually so busy at work, he can't even request to go so all the office people in Denver get to go. I've always wanted to go to NYC but Stephen's always been indifferent about it so when we found out the conference was an hour north of the city, we jumped on the opportunity to make a mini-vacation out of it. Stephen was extra excited because he didn't have to pay for a lot of his expenses due to work ;) We left on Friday and his conference was Saturday & Sunday so my sister actually flew in so I could ride the train into the city and hang out with her and her friend. It actually worked out so well! After Stephen's conference was over, we moved into the city for our final days and saw so much! I can't wait to recap everything and share all the pictures - especially the ones Stephen took!

We got back on Wednesday and I was invited to tag along on one of the group's team building event at work the next day. They rented a pontoon boat for the day and we drove around one of the river's nearby, stopped at a swamp house for lunch and then cleaned up and went to a German restaurant for dinner. It was so much fun and the perfect way to ease back into the work week ;)

I went to work on Friday - at the last minute, I joined a few co-workers for a Good Friday service at one of the nearby churches. That was a neat experience getting to worship alongside your co-workers.

Saturday, we headed down to my in-laws for Easter weekend. It was so much fun seeing our niece again - we definitely can't go 4 months without seeing her again because she grew so much in that time! I will say it's been so nice being home this week.

Stephen finally finished most of his work on his big project at work which I am so thankful for - no more 60 hr weeks!

It's so funny how everything hits all at once... my business has had a steady flow of orders but over the past week, I've gotten over 20+ orders and all need to be done by the first week of May. I am so so thankful for the business and I can't wait to get these orders done but I am a little overwhelmed. This entire weekend is blocked off for PPE.

We're finalizing plans for when my family comes down to do a week at Disney after my sister's graduation and I'm so excited! I picked out all of the fastpasses last night and we have all our dinner reservations made. I did run into problems when I attached two sets of tickets to two different accounts for my sister but thankfully, Disney is the absolute best and got it all straightened out for me.

I've officially joined Tone It Up and signed up for their bikini series which starts on Monday! I've been preparing this whole week since we didn't eat healthy for 10 days with NYC and my in-laws and I've been loving living a healthier lifestyle. I can't wait to see how the bikini series goes!

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Easter 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hey y'all! Long time no see! We are finally getting back into a normal routine which we are both looking forward to after traveling to NYC then packing up and heading to my in-laws 2 days later for Easter. I'm really hoping to blog about our trip this week but we'll see what happens with life...

Since I don't want our Easter to get lost in the archives, I figured I'd go ahead and share our weekend with y'all :) Friday, we really hung around at home most of the night, relaxed and then I made Stephen watch "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!" - he was slightly weirded out by it lol We were in bed by 9 pm which was lovely after a tiring week.

Saturday, we got up, made breakfast, I packed real quick and then we headed to my in-laws. There's a small outlet mall about half way to their house so we stopped in for the J Crew Factory sale and boy did we rack up... the whole store was 50% off and their clearance was an extra 60%! We saved about $260 which was fun to see on the receipt - and helps justify it ;) I got these scalloped shortsthis ruffled topthis black tank with a fun bottomthis polka dot dress (this is the first dress in this style that didn't make me look huge as a house), this pencil skirt, this floral print dress (I ended up wearing it for Easter), this structured dressthis button down for work and this button down for work - these are seriously my favorite button downs for work. I wanted to share this leopard sweater was on sale and this ruffled button down - I have both and love them!! What I really wanted to get from this visit was this ruffle sleeve shirt in white but they're literally sold out everywhere - I hope they're restocked by Memorial Day sales.

This is getting really long already but Stephen also made out like a bandit - even getting a button down shirt for $4!!! He walked away with these shortsbutton downbutton down and button down along with another button down and tie that wasn't online. We popped into Restoration Hardware outlet but didn't see anything so we headed down to Okeechobee.

We had lunch when we got there and then went to work. We dyed Easter eggs with our niece, Siena - we tried the egg inside the whisk trick which worked well but I think next year, things will go a lot smoother. We played with bubbles, chalk and did a few rounds of corn hole before the boys did yard work and the girls sewed. My MIL is a wonderful sewer (she made Siena's Easter dress) and taught Lauren and me how to sew with a kitchen towel project. It was a lot of fun and the towels turned out great! After, we ate dinner and settled in for a movie before I fell asleep during it and went to bed.

When we first arrived, Siena woke up from a nap so she was tired and we hadn't seen her since Christmas so it took a little warming up. Stephen was the cutest and wanted to play with her so badly - it didn't take her long to warm back up to us :)

Lauren sewing it up like a pro!

The finished product

Sunday, we were up early for the sunrise service. Thankfully, the weather was nice and the service went well. Since Stephen's dad is the pastor, we had to hang around until breakfast, Sunday school and 2nd service was over. Once we got back to the house, we did a small Easter egg hunt for Siena and the boys grilled steaks for lunch. After lunch we packed up and headed home which was nice because we were able to relax and get everything in order for the week.

Lauren and I took Siena to play in the kids rooms during the 2nd service sermon and she loved the keyboard

She was so over the pictures at this point

She was a pro at getting Easter eggs! The kids at the hunts next year better watch out ;)

I am so looking forward to a normal week (minus Stephen's launch on Tuesday) and I'm finally getting back on track with my nutrition plan and workouts - so ready for feel good again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I loved seeing everyone's beautiful families in their Easter best on Instagram :) Linking up with Biana