Five on Friday

Friday, August 4, 2017

Woo hoo! Three cheers for Friday and my first FoF in a month lol We're so excited because tomorrow night, we have a white party at a club in downtown Orlando. We're going to support our friends and to hang out with my BIL & SIL - plus, I've never gone to an all white party ;) Thankfully, other than that, the weekend will be pretty slow (praise) so I'm hoping to relax and take a nap or two.

One thing you might not know about us is that Stephen and I love Sperry shoes. I mean, Stephen made a cheesy pick up line over Sperry's which I instantly fell for ;) so they're something close to our hearts. They recently released a line of sneakers and I've been needing a good pair of neutral sneakers so Stephen got these sneakers for my birthday and I love them! They're so comfy and light weight - I can't wait to wear them to Disney next weekend :) Funny thing is, I opened them the morning of my birthday and later that day, Stephen found a pair he liked at a great price so he got a pair too!

My blog friend, Kelsey recently released her own line of planners. Y'all, she has put so much into this project and earlier this week, she held a live session to go through her planners. The planners turned out so amazing!!! She has beautiful patterns for the covers, two different types of planners and the inside is amazing. My organizational self loves how they're laid out and I can't wait to get my hands on one for 2018! They're really nothing like I've ever seen before. Go check out what they look like on the inside and outside from her live session on facebook.

After finishing our stint of English shows and since we've been traveling so much, we haven't been able to get into a good TV show lately. For the past few years, everyone's been talking about how much they love Southern Charm. I decided to finally start it and I love it - so interesting and now I wish I watched this before our recent trip to Charleston! lol

A few weeks ago, our friends mentioned a podcast they really liked called Up and Vanished and since I have such a long drive to work, I decided to check it out. Well, I'm officially hooked and have 3 episodes left until I finish it... it's so good. The podcast looks into an 11 year old "cold" murder case which hasn't been solved. There are so many twists to the story and it might even get solved throughout the podcast which is nuts! It definitely keeps you intrigued (legit I don't feel sleepy on my drives while listening lol)

Alright ladies, for Stephen's birthday, I got him a smoker box to attach to the side of his grill. We attempted to smoke some pulled pork which resulted in a big fail... We really need to get on our smoke game because we're hosting a cookout next month and would love to smoke something like pulled pork since it makes so much food. I need any good smoker recipes that y'all have!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. I'm with you on "Southern Charm!" I got hooked...after our trip to Charleston. We binge-watched all the seasons in about three weeks! Ha! Happy Friday, friend!

  2. A white party - sounds so fun!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Aww you are too sweet!! Thank you SO much for posting about my planners! I'm so pumped to finally be able to share them and start selling soon :) I love your new shoes!! Hope y'all have a blast at the white party this weekend!

  4. I just love those Sperry sneakers! I've been in the market for some neutral lovelies, and those are lovely! Happy weekend!

  5. I definitely need to go check out Kelsey's planners! Have a great weekend :)

  6. I love podcasts and that one sounds right up my alley! I'm going to have to check it out!

    1. The commentator lawyer is Philip Holloway--ha! You will love it!

  7. Literally obsessed with Kelsey's planners- so adorable!! The pink gingham one has my name all over it lol. I had no idea Sperry's made sneakers, so cool!! Love that you and Stephen both like them so much!!!!