Our Home: One Year Later | New Landscaping

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On June 19th, we had our 1 year anniversary of being homeowners! Things have been so busy, I'm just now getting around to doing a 1 year house recap. Since we just finished our landscaping a few days ago, I wanted to share our big transformation first! I am embarrassed of the before pictures but you'll easily be able to see the difference! After hiring the company, said there was no way I was getting in there and taking care of the yard - and you can tell.

We decided last fall that we'd pay someone to come out and professionally re-do our landscaping at some point because we had a hard time removing some of the plants we had. We finally got around to starting the bidding process a month or so ago and last week, they finally implemented. We wanted everything very clean and simple and that's exactly what we got. Hopefully this will also provide us with minimal care lol

Here are some of the before and after pictures.

Please ignore the weeds in the driveway... we've got to kill those

I'm obsessed with how open the side of the house now is and I'm so glad we didn't replant anything or keep any of the plants

We can finally see the lake through the tree and Gardenia plant!

Hopefully this sod comes back to life lol they still have to sod at the corner of the house

We are so excited about this change - and I'm sure our neighbors are too ;) We still need to re-sod a lot of the front yard and we really need to pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk but it's coming along well :)

How adorable is this pineapple flag?!

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  1. Wow!!! It looks so good Ashley :) LOVE how much more you can see of the front of the house now! Ours was completely covered up when we first moved in too until we tore it all out and it makes our house look totally different! I love the rock you all chose (lawn & landscape owner side coming out here), it really complements your home!

  2. Your snaps are my fav! I love seeing all of the progress and I NEED that pineapple flag!!

  3. WOO HOO!!!! Happy (late) 1 year of home ownership!!!!!!!!! SO, SO exciting!!!! I love seeing the changes, it all looks so good!! I've loved seeing your snaps, too! I know y'all are loving it. That pineapple flag is ADORABLE!!!! I went a couple of months ago to get that same one and they didn't have a "C" in stock. I need to check back, because it is adorable!!