Five on Friday!

Friday, May 1, 2015


This weekend my bestie is getting married!!! We're on our way down to Naples for the big day and I can hardly wait!! It's going to be a wedding for the books that's for sure. If you missed it, you can see Camilla's bridal shower here and her bachelorette party here. And just for good measure, here are some pictures that I found last night... there are a lot because they were too good to pass up!

This was taken at our chapter retreat in 2011! We look like such babies!

This was from formal in 2011

The rest are from our wedding - our photographer got some good shots of Camilla and Andrew!

I'm so excited for their big day and I can't wait to celebrate with them all weekend!!!

I've got some cuteness for you - a friend from work just got a French Brittany puppy so during lunch one day, I went with her to meet him. His name is Bo and he's so stinking adorable (and very well behaved!) 

At work, a pair of sandhill cranes just had a baby and I've been seeing them around campus. It is seriously the cutest thing ever and I was able to snag a quick picture but it's not very good since there was someone trying to leave work behind me and I didn't want to be "that girl taking pictures of the birds" lol

So do you have those clothes that you don't wear very much anymore, but still keep for just in case days? Well that was this cotton shirt from The Loft (I don't have a direct link because I bought it years ago). I used to wear it all the time but then haven't recently but I threw it on to go look at a house on Wednesday and loved it again! It's perfect to just throw on and it's super comfy.

My mom scored me some amazing Lilly for Target! Apparently a lady had just returned $400 worth of stuff to her local store but she was only able to pick up this jumpsuit for me. It's a size small so we were worried I'd be too tall for it and I was :( It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it was above my ankles and a little too short everywhere else. I was so bummed to return it because it's so cute but it's very difficult to wear a romper/jumper when it's too small... After I returned it, I saw 4 pieces of XL-XXXL clothing and an outdoor umbrella. Still super bummed I missed out and had to return the jumper.


  1. Enjoy the wedding weekend, it's going to be so much fun!! That's such a bummer on the Target Lilly romper!

  2. Congrats to your bestie!! Enjoy celebrating her and her soon-to-be hubby this weekend! :)
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  3. Oh my gosh...I posted a JT "it's gonna be May" graphic in my blog post yesterday and said, "...I had to." I've seen some other bloggers posting it too, but no one used the exact phrasing as me before! Too funny.

  4. What a bummer that it didn't fit. I somehow managed to score 3 things: two things for my baby girl and 1 thing for myself (post-pregnancy). I wish they would restock the Lilly stuff!!!

  5. That puppy is the cutest! And I'm so jealous that your mom found a few pieces of Lilly for you! Xo, Stephanie