Memorial Day Weekend in Chattanooga

Friday, May 29, 2015

I've been doing a horrible job keeping up with the blog the last few weeks. Things have been crazy to say the least and we've been traveling a lot. I'm just now getting to catching up on our Memorial day weekend... phew. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be a bit more regular but it's looking like it'll be crazy until mid July so my posting may be a little sporadic.

Last Thursday Stephen and I flew up to see my parents in Chattanooga and spend the long weekend at their new house. They moved from Raleigh to Chattanooga in January and we still hadn't seen the house! My dad is from Chattanooga and my parents went to college together there, so pretty much all of our close family and friends live there which is super great. It's so much fun getting to see everyone when we go "home" now!

We flew into Atlanta around lunch time so my parents picked us up and we grabbed a quick lunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room which is amazing!! True southern food in the cutest restaurant - I highly recommend it if you're in the Atlanta area. After lunch we headed home to rest, did a little shopping and waited for my sister arrive. Once Caroline got in, we headed out to Taco Mamacita in downtown Chattanooga for dinner. Their tacos were unique and SUPER delicious - another good recommendation!

I had the meatloaf, cheese grits and fried okra

We can't get over how funny Caroline was in the pictures above

Friday, we met up with my great uncle & aunt and my aunt for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After breakfast we met up with our family friends and went to Ruby Falls and Point Park over on Lookout Mountain. Both of these activities were so much fun and beautiful! I went to Ruby Falls on a 4th grade field trip and had forgotten how amazing and spectacular the falls were - I'd definitely recommend doing this tour.

Our childhood dog, Frisbee, was being too adorable so I had to get some shots of her 

Saturday, we slept in and then headed over to downtown Chattanooga for some sight seeing. We stopped at Tony's for lunch then headed over to the Hunter Art Museum and then down to the Moon Pie General Store. We did lots of walking but it was so much fun seeing downtown and remembering the places we visited as kids. 

My mom had her bridal portraits taken at the Hunter Art Museum

There's a glass bridge that is above a highway - it's super scary

Sunday, we went to church with my parents which is actually the church my dad went to school at as a kid. We had to get a picture in front of the fireplace because 1. it was pretty and 2. it has some funny significance to my dad from his school days there. After church we went shopping to take advantage of the J Crew sale and got ready for a big Memorial Day cookout! The cookout was so much fun and we really enjoyed seeing family friends that we've had for years. (I didn't end up getting really any pictures of the cookout #bloggerfail)

The kids picture - while growing up, we would always take "kid pictures". It's so neat to see how everyone's grown up over the years - we're all in or done with college, 2 of us are married and 1 of us has 2 kids!!

We had a later flight home on Monday so we spent the morning relaxing at home and soaking up every last minute with my parents. We had so much fun and were so sad to leave. I can't wait to go home for Christmas this year and see everything decorated so beautifully (and leave the hot FL weather ;))


  1. This looks like such a fun weekend and such great weather! This town looks so cute! I

  2. LOLOLOL at Caroline in that picture. It almost looks like a stranger is trying to photobomb you.

  3. What a fun weekend with your family, I love all of your pictures! Xo, Stephanie