Five on Friday!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and I had a great day! Thank you for all your sweet comments and birthday wishes and thanks to everyone who made it a special day!

Before work, Stephen surprised me with flowers and some banana bread with a candle and then at work, I was surprised with a decorated desk, munchkins and a someone brought me an adorable gift! For lunch, we went to a Japanese steakhouse and celebrated with fried ice cream, fried cheesecake and a fried banana. Stephen and I were planning on going out to dinner last night but I was so tired I didn't feel like dressing up and going out (and the restaurant I wanted to try isn't open yet) so we ran to Homegoods to buy a tv stand that I saw 2 days before (but it had already sold :( ), got some Greek food, picked up an ice cream cake from Publix then headed home for presents and cake. It was a great birthday and I couldn't be more blessed with another year filled with Jesus along with amazing family and friends!

How cool are these balloons? 

Finally got my Kate Spade purse!

Speaking of tv stands, I saw this amazing one at Homegoods in Hilton Head but didn't have a way to get it home (Homegoods needs to get in the shipping business) so I didn't buy it. Now, I'm trying to find it online so let me know if you see anything like this!!

Sunday was Stephen and I's second Anniversary and since we were driving home from vacation, we couldn't go out to eat. I wanted to make something a little different so we opted for steaks, balsamic roasted brussels sprouts and Greek cucumber pasta. Everything was delicious, especially for the Greek pasta (yay for mom getting me a spiralizer!)

We didn't want to get a cake since Stephen just had one for his birthday and I was getting one for mine so we split a yo-yo cookie from Publix and that was the best decision!! It was SOO good!

I'm so excited that I can finally start writing about the house, give a tour and post updates! I know everyone's been wanting to see a house tour so I've kept everyone hanging long enough - I'll start my posts next week! In the meantime, we finally got the rest of our master furniture delivered this week so here's a small sample.

Happy Shark week!! I've never gotten into shark week but I do have to be a total cheese and tell y'all about my Shark steam mop that I'm loving! We have all tile so the floors are hard to clean but Stephen got us a Shark steam mop and it's life changing, seriously it's so good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! My boss is throwing a cookout at his house tonight for my birthday then tomorrow Stephen and I will be shopping for the house and cooking out ourselves! I'm looking so forward to having a weekend at home.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Birthday! Enjoy the extra celebrations this weekend!

  2. That's so nice of your boss to throw you a cookout party! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday! Love the new KS bag. Can't wait for the house updates. :)

  3. WOW looks like you got spoiled for your birthday!! Obsessed with that Kate Spade purse, so jealous! Happy weekend :)