Hilton Head Island 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ever since I was a baby, we've been going to HHI for family vacations. Hilton Head is the best place to vacation with a family - there are so many activities and the entire island is very family friendly. My parents own a timeshare at Shelter Cove during the week of July 4th which is a blast because we always get to see the fireworks on the 18th hole of the Sea Pines golf course. Stephen had never been on a Sorrick family vacation so we decided this would be the perfect year! We had such a great time and really enjoyed relaxing and having fun with family.

Basically our routine everyday was morning tennis lessons, ride bikes to the beach, lunch, pool, rest, do a fun evening activity and then go back to the beach to play games.

Heading out and ready for a vacation

The condo has the best view of the water. We love watching the kayakers, paddle boarders and this year, the people doing the water jet pack!

First night at the beach

After church on Sunday

The Palmetto Dunes beach has a great restaurant and deck to eat lunch at

Sunday night it rained so we went and saw Inside Out. We were laughing because the theatre looked pretty rough on the outside but inside there were HUGE power recliners! It was so luxurious! We enjoyed the movie, it was cute but it was a little deep for kids and kind of stressed me out lol Stephen and I saw Jurassic World before we left for vacation and enjoyed that movie more. 

We knew we were going to go to Sea Pines/Harbour Town on Saturday to see the fireworks but wanted to go over there another day to make sure we were able to see/do everything and I'm so glad we did because it stormed really bad on Saturday. We headed over Monday night and enjoyed dinner at Crazy Crab which is always delicious!

After Harbour Town, we headed over to the Sea Pines beach. We were SHOCKED that they completely redid the entire beach area. It is amazing now. They have a cafe for quick food & drinks, some shops and a big restaurant and bar! It was so nice compared to a small wooden building that used to be there. 

We were craving snow cones and we finally found some!!

I finally finished Girl on a Train and it was really good. I was shocked to read the end - I was hooked!

Another night we hit up Pino Gelato for some great gelato!

Then we went to the beach to play wiffle ball and try to work some of the gelato off

After all our morning activities on Tuesday, my mom took me birthday shopping at the outlets. We love shopping together and miss that we can't do it more often (although I'm sure Stephen's happy I'm not shopping). We were laughing because in high school we loved this outlet mall because it had an American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie. So funny how things have changed, although I did score a pair of jeans from Hollister for $11 on this trip. 

I have been wanting a specific Kate Spade purse for about a year now and never pulled the trigger and I'm so glad I waited. The whole store was 60% off plus another 20% purses so I saved $200 on my purse! Since the sale was so good, we snagged some earrings (for like $9!!!) and a wallet for a Christmas gift. Now I just have to wait a few more days to get my new goodies.

My mom ended up getting the same purse but in black!

I had to... my sister did not let me hear the end of this picture or the fact that I put it on instagram

Thursday night we had to carry on with our putt-putt tradition! We love going to play at Pirate's Cove! Both my parents got a hole in 1 and won a free round.

Since Stephen's birthday was on Friday, we decided to get a cake and start on it Thursday so we could finish it before checkout on Saturday.

All his goodies!

Friday was Stephen's birthday and he wanted to start the day out kayaking. I planned on staying out for an hour and everyone else wanted to do 2 hours and the current and wind was strong so we all called it a day after an hour. After kayaking, we decided to stay at the pool, then we ran to the outlets again to get a few more things, did smores at the condo, then went to the beach at night for one las time and headed home for an intense game of Disney trivia. 

We love playing Disney Trivia

Saturday was our last day at the condo but we wanted to stay for the fireworks at Harbour Town so my parents got a hotel off the island for the night. We had a great beach and pool day before getting ready and heading over to Harbour Town. As soon as we got into Sea Pines, there was a warning for an awful storm and it'd last all night. We stuck it out for a few hours then figured it would keep raining (the radar said it would) so we left and headed to the hotel... well I'm not sure if it stopped raining but they continued with the fireworks and we totally missed it - it was the only reason we stayed an extra day too!! Biggest fail ever. At least we got a good beach day and got to see the military planes do a fly over which was really neat!

These 2 lovebirds celebrated their 28th anniversary on July 4th!

Sunday was our 2nd anniversary so we had to grab a picture while we were with people who could take it. 

We had a great vacation but it was great coming home to a house now and not a small apartment! Missing everyone already and counting down the days until they come visit us!


  1. What a beautiful beach! The photos are so pretty. Looks like an awesome time. That theater looked pretty cool too!

  2. The pictures are so pretty, looks like y'all had a blast! Jealous that y'all have so many events [birthdays, anniversaries, etc] all together...a great idea to be able to celebrate them all close together!

    1. Thanks girl!! We had a great time! Everything being together is fun but sometimes overwhelming!

  3. I loved reading all about this - so glad you guys had such a great trip! It's so fun that you have this tradition every year and that Stephen got to finally enjoy with you! The scenery is gorgeous, your Kate Spade stop looks fabulous and Stephen's birthday looks like a blast!

  4. Great deal on that purse. I like when Belk has their "red tag" sale; you can get stuff for 90% off.

  5. Oh my goodness gracious, your pictures are beautiful! I love HHI too, it is one of my favorite beach towns! You hit the jackpot at Kate Spade, I love your purse! Xo, Stephanie

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad we went to the outlets especially after I found out that the stores in Orlando had 50% off and the HHI one had 60%!