Happy Spring!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today is the first day of Spring!! Even though in Florida, it feels like we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer, I'm loving the shorts and dresses weather!

For me, unfortunately, with Spring comes awful allergies. Like they're awful!! I feel so bad for my poor co-workers who are hearing me blow my nose and talk in a loud man voice endlessly. This has been the 5th year Stephen and I have been together and he still thinks I am sick and contagious when allergies strike. I've done everything to try to relieve them but nothing works... oh well, hopefully they won't last too much longer.

This is legit me right now (via)

Tomorrow we are having an all-day celebration for my sweet friend and bride-to-be Camilla. Her bridal shower is in the morning and then that night is her bachelorette party. I am so so so excited to see my old college girlfriends and celebrate Camilla! 

We finally got our Disney tickets in the mail this week! We are so excited to go back to Disney in April with my family! 

Yesterday's post was all about swim suits since it's now officially Spring and in the high 80's. I received an email saying Old Navy's swim suits are all 50% off and then I saw on another blog that Aerie is having a BOGO 50% off sale this week. These swim suits are a lot more affordable than the choices from yesterday and they're super adorable.


  1. You enjoy your summer like weather as I watch the snowflakes fall! Buy hey, it’s spring now, it’s gotta warm up soon! Eeek! Allergies are the worst, luckily I don’t have them but I know they are such a killer. Enjoy those wedding celebrations and Disney will be here so soon!!

  2. Yay! I have a bridal shower tomorow too - how did I forget that in my "five things"?! I must have been much more excited about sushi for dinner tonight lol

  3. Send the warm weather to NC, please! Hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating your dear friend! Xo, Stephanie