Ft. Lauderdale Weekend

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

This past weekend we took a trip down to visit my brother and sister-in-law down in Ft. Lauderdale. We had so much fun seeing them again and catching up. I feel like every time we go to visit, there's always something new to see!  This time the big things we saw were South Beach and Sawgrass Mills.

Before leaving on Friday, we had to stop in our brand new Publix. Y'all it's a little embarrassing but we are OBSESSED! It is so nice and big - there's so many more items to choose from and there's a big sushi bar!!! After getting home late on Sunday, we were so thankful for the sushi bar ;)

Had to get a selfie!

Since I was in Houston on Monday, I caught up on the Bachelor on the drive over.

Once we arrived, we all got ready and headed out to South Beach. Lauren made dinner reservations for Sushi Samba which was delicious and we topped it off with frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity 3. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed seeing the area.


Had to get a picture... I wasn't all that impressed with the store but it could be because it's Miami and not NYC

So delish!

Had to get a picture of the Iron Man, man statue

Saturday, we were up early and after making a cake for Sunny's birthday we ran to a puppy boutique. This place was insane! It was a couture store for dogs and even had tiny couture dogs for sale! I had to get some pictures of this place...

This little guy made me laugh - I mean, that tongue?

I realized I didn't take any pictures after the pet store... fail on capturing the weekend but whatever it's not all about getting pictures of everything. After the pet store, we ran to see their new house and grab some lunch, then it was time for Sunny's birthday party! Lauren put together a small birthday party for Sunny's 1st birthday at a local dog park. The weather was awful, but the dogs (and people) had a blast. We were super pooped after the party so we came home, made dinner, watched a movie and headed off to bed. 

Sunny loves wearing people t-shirts so they got him this shirt from the kids section at Wal-mart! So funny!

Sunday, we went to church then Lauren and I went to Sawgrass Mills for some shopping while the boys went to the casino for a little bit and then back to the house to help pack the garage for their move. We ran to Target and saw that their canvas shoes and flip flops were BOGO 50% off so we snagged a pair for $13 each! Lauren got these grey and cream polka dot ones and I got these navy and white stripped ones. Can't wait to wear them with my chino shorts!! I also did some browsing at Target yesterday and saw all their swim wear and some clothes were BOGO 50% off! This is a fantastic deal especially if you're in the market for some new swim suits - they have all their spring ones out.


  1. You're weekend looks perfect! Great actives, great food, great weather!!
    I need to go to that puppy boutique!!

  2. You two are so adorable! It sounds like a great weekend!

  3. So glad you had a great weekend! LOVE the puppies for sale and we used to be obsessed with Sushi Samba when we lived in Chicago - so delicious!