Babies and a Wedding

Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm going to give a warning at the beginning of this post: there are a lot of pictures. The wedding we went to was straight out of Pinterest so I went a little camera crazy...

Friday night was nice and relaxing: we cooked brats and watched Gods and Kings (the new Moses movie). I would say don't waste your time watching the move. It was very un-Biblical; we had many "that's not in the Bible" moments. I'd stick to The Prince of Egypt (still not 100% accurate but wayyyy more on point than Gods and Kings).

Saturday we headed over to Tampa for a wedding but first we stopped in to see one of my close friends from high school and meet her new baby, Noah. Susannah is my only friend from high school that I still keep in touch with and I always love the time I get to spend with her. I really wish we lived closer, but at least we have Skype and her kids have early bed times ;)

Sorry for the bad quality, my phone altered the pictures since it can't process high quality pictures (only a few more weeks until an upgrade!)

Daniel was more interested in his Disney show lol P.S. how amazing does Susannah look after having a baby 2 months ago!? I need to find out this secret ;)

After visiting with Susannah and her hubby, we drove over to the wedding. Joe and Lauren were in all of Stephen's classes and were on the same Senior Design team! It wasn't until after Senior Design that they became bf/gf and now they're married! I also have a friend from school who met her current bf in our engineering classes. Guess all those study hours bring people together in mysterious ways ;) Being engineers, they got married on Pi day (3.14.15) and they're wedding was STUNNING - like straight out of Pinterest. Here are a plethora of pictures so enjoy... (the wedding was at Cross Creek Ranch right outside of Brandon, FL)

Wanted to try out getting an overall outfit shot. This is my new dress that I picked up from T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago

I was dying over the barn with the monogram and flowers

The cute little sitting area for cocktail hour

The program (sorry it's blurry)

This was a semi-open air chapel on the property where the ceremony took place

The outside of the chapel

LOVED their guest book

The barn had 3 stalls; one for the photo booth, one for the appetizers during cocktail hour and one for dinner.

Loved that their signature drinks were a "'Cosmo'naut" and an "Afterburner"; odes to their Aerospace degrees

Since we didn't know anyone at the wedding, we ran around during cocktail hour and took pictures of each other.

This is how Stephen wanted to pose in the photo booth stall - he cracks me up

My hubby lookin' sharp!

I loved that their plates were a variety of china sets

First dance as hubby and wife!

Toasts from the parents

We finally found someone to take pictures of us in the photo booth!

Stephen was breaking it down on the dance floor! This guy seriously loves to dance! We were also the only ones who knew the steps to the Electric Slide and the Wobble... their families must've thought we were crazy lol

We had a great weekend seeing old friends and celebrating at a wedding! We slept in on Sunday then drove home and took another nap! Hope everyone else had a great weekend :) 

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  1. Noah is adorable!!
    So many cute touches at the wedding, oh my gosh!!
    Love your dress!!

  2. Noah is seriously a cutie! And that wedding does look like it's straight from Pinterest! Beautiful! Your dress is amazing, too. Thanks for linking up! xo

  3. What a fun wedding - to get married on Pi Day! I guess if I had the same occupation, I would do that too :)

  4. You and Noah are so adorable! I loved all the details of their wedding! Xo, Stephanie