Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We had a wonderful weekend to kick off the month of April! I wish we had just one more day to lay around the house and get prepared for the week ahead because let me tell you, I'm feeling tired as can be as I write this on Monday evening.

Friday, Stephen got off work a little later so I ate healthy leftovers while he got Taco Bell lol We finished up the night with the movie Masterminds and then headed to bed. We thought the movie was eh, okay. I did enjoy the fact that it was based on a true story and there were some great actors in it.

Saturday, we slept in and I made breakfast. After breakfast we got to work - Stephen spent all day working on the lawn and I ironed, cleaned the house, did laundry and worked on a few orders. It was a great day to be productive and get everything in order for the week. That evening, we met our friends for dinner and got to meet their new baby girl, Amelia. We had so much fun getting caught up and Amelia was so precious! We got to hold her after we left dinner and Stephen about melted into a puddle - he probably would've taken her home right then and there if he could've ;) We rounded up the night with a trip to Publix and then we went to bed early

She loved Stephen! Melt my heart

Sunday, we went to the local air show with some of our friends! It was an all day event which I was not prepared for and we certainly paid the price... It was a great event with great company but we all got FRIED (mainly Stephen and me because we used crappy sunscreen before we left). The show was super neat and just so amazing to see the planes and what they can do - the French team was our favorite. They had a French announcer that kept saying "This is for you, America! We love America!" - it was so funny! After the air show, we came back to our house for some corn hole and Stephen grilled out. It was the perfect way to end a weekend and the reason why this post is a day late ;)

"This is for you, America - an American flag!"

Old School and New Fighter Jets


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Now to try to make sure these sunburns don't peel while we're in NYC ;) Linking up with Biana


  1. A great weekend!! We have been grilling out a lot lately too. So ready for summer!

  2. Such a fun weekend - you and your new tan :) Hope ya'll are having a great week so far!!

  3. Those baby snuggles - so cute!! Jealous of your grill night - we're hoping within a week or two the weather will be good enough for us to do that!

  4. Love those pictures of y'all with that sweet baby- too cute!! We watched Master Minds and thought the same thing lol. During the movie I kept telling Matthew that there was no way this movie was based off of a true story lol definitely interesting!! The airshow looks like it was a lot of fun!! Loved your snaps of it!

  5. It's so sweet how Stephen is with kids!! So glad you all enjoyed the air show! Those are always so fun. Hope you all have the best trip to NYC!