Five on Friday

Friday, April 7, 2017

We are officially on our way to NYC and we are so excited!! Thank you to everyone for your recommendations while we're in the city.

My mom knows me all to well and picked up these adorable pineapple shorts from J Crew! I can't wait to get them (hopefully they fit lol) - I love how they're a little dressier and navy is always a good choice :)

I finally received my new Fitbit Blaze band the other week and I love it! I love that it's super lightweight and makes it look like a regular watch which is perfect for work.

They've been done for a while and I haven't shared them but we finally painted our corn hole sets we made at Christmas. I bit the bullet and painted them while Stephen was working one weekend and we're both so glad they're done! We brought them out when we had our friends over and it was so great - we can't wait to break them out all summer!

I'm so excited that the girls from Tone It Up released their newest Bikini Series this past week! I don't know all of the details but basically it's an 8 week series to get into shape before summer. I'm really excited to have a program to work towards in which I already love. I can't believe it but I created a separate Instagram account to document, check in and create community with other girls doing this program as well.

One of my friends on Facebook posted a link to these banana ice cream recipes and since I'm trying to find healthier alternatives to delicious foods, I figured I'd try it out. I tried the dark chocolate chip one and it wasn't bad! I will say, it was a lot better after it sat for an hour and not after it sat for a few days in the freezer because it got pretty hard. I'll have to try this again and maybe try another recipe.


  1. Those pineapple shorts are darling! Enjoy NYC; can't wait to read all about it when you get back! :)

  2. I hope y'all have such a great time in NYC! I'm super jealous :)

  3. Those shorts are super cute!! Hope you all have the best trip :)

  4. Have fun in NYC! I love those shorts. I am planning on doing the Bikini Series as well. I just followed you with my TIU Instagram account (tiu_jld)! Jess at Just Jess

  5. Those shorts get all the heart eyes!!!! So cute! So excited for y'all's trip, hope y'all have the best time!!!!! I definitely need to try that healthier ice cream ASAP- looks delicious!!