Five on Friday

Friday, February 19, 2016

We are so excited because we finally got our living room chairs delivered on Wednesday! They weren't supposed to be delivered for a week or two so I was really surprised when they said they were coming Wednesday. We love them and are so glad that we chose these - we feel they match perfectly! Now I'm going to be honest, they're not very comfortable but I want to get some big, colorful pillows so hopefully that will make things better.

The last steps for this room is to get a little table for in-between the chairs, get some fun pillows and we'd like to build a bench for the other side of the wall (not pictured). I'm so so glad we finally have some furniture in here and the room is almost complete!!

Someone must've gotten a laugh yesterday - after complaining about my commute in my confessions post yesterday, what usually is a 50-60 minute drive home turned into a 2 hour drive. Along the only road to get home, someone had a back wreck and they had to shut down the road... it was awful. It wouldn't have been AS bad but for the first time like ever, we had plans to meet another couple for dinner!! Nothing like adding salt to the wound. Thankfully we still made it for dinner (30 min late) and had a great time. 

Stephen's been having to go to work early this week so I decided to buck up and wake up and hour early with him so I'll (hopefully) miss all the morning traffic. We'll see if less sleep is worth it... 

On our weekending post, I mentioned that we made baked brie (our favorite!) and some of y'all were asking for the recipe. I did this post last year but since, we've removed the honey and added ~1/4 cup of brown sugar. I might try it with some honey on top, next time. Stay tuned, I'm going to try to make it next weekend and do another post (hopefully with better pictures).

In case you missed it, here's a delicious and easy breakfast that would be fantastic for this weekend: Cinnamon French Toast.

This weekend, Stephen and I were supposed to go to a Science center over in Orlando for "adult night" - no kids, drinks and exhibits but looks like Stephen's going to have to work. Instead, I'll be relaxing, catching up on things around the house, catching up on my sleep and so-forward. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend but I feel bad Stephen has to work :/

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Oh my gosh I saw your snaps yesterday and I was dying! What a miserable commute ugh!!! Those chairs are gorgeous, I'm so jealous!

  2. Those chairs are beautiful!! Sorry to hear about your commute, that is the worse. I hate traffic.

  3. Love those wing back chairs. Also if those curtains are from Target, I almost bought those. I'm sorry you will miss adult night, but hopefully you guys can make it another month. Those are always the best!

  4. The chairs look awesome!!! They are perfect for that space :) Hope you have a better commute today!

  5. Your snaps were killing me! Traffic was pretty bad yesterday afternoon for me as well, but this morning wasn't too bad, which was weird!! LOVE the chairs! That room looks so good, I love the way y'all have decorated it!

  6. I love how the living room is coming along and you guys have had some great eats! Enjoy the adult night!

  7. Oh my goodness, I need those chairs for our family room! Love them SO much! Xo, Stephanie