Little Things for Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stephen and I aren't big celebrators of Valentine's Day. Sure, we like to do something a little special but we never go all out and celebrate with elaborate things. Even though it's not big, I do like doing little things for Stephen and our families - I like to remind them that we love them.

This year for our families, I found adorable heart cards and washi tape in the dollar section at Target and figured it was the perfect little thing to send them for Valentine's Day. I loved how the washi tape added a little something to the outside of the cards.

Every year I like to bake Stephen something fun. Back before we were married, it was a lot easier to surprise him with what I had made but now he just gets to enjoy the sweets without being surprised. 

These chocolate covered rice krispie treats were so good that I made them twice for him! 

These chocolate covered marshmallows look delicious and a lot easier to make!

This year, I'm going to go a little more traditional and make cookies with royal icing. I've never decorated cookies with royal icing but I have some Valentine's Day cookie cutters so I'm going to test out the royal icing.

What are some fun things you like to do for Valentine's Day to make people feel special?

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  1. Gosh those rice Krispy treats would get devoured in our house!!

  2. I love to do little treats for Valentine's Day too! I recently made decorated sugar cookies for my daughter's baptism, and they weren't as difficult as I thought. You should check out the Kitchn's recipe and Sally's Baking Addiction!

  3. I love sending out a little card to our family/friends too! Those chocolate covered marshmallows I've wanted to try forever - they look so delicious!

  4. I send cards and small treats to family also! Such a fun little holiday! Love the washi tape with the envelopes; great touch!!