Monday, January 11, 2016

I am so thankful that we had a whole weekend to ourselves to do whatever we wanted and get all sorts of things done. I made a huge to-do list on Thursday and wasn't sure if we'd be able to get everything done this weekend but thankfully, we did and before 4pm on Sunday which never happens!

Friday, I picked up some sushi after work, I caught up on Teen Mom, finalized some plans for Saturday and then we watched a few more episodes of The Office before heading to bed.

Saturday, we slept in and then broke out our Christmas present from my BIL & SIL - a griddle! We loved using it and Stephen made a delicious breakfast :) After breakfast, we decided to make a shelf for our family room. I'm so excited how it turned out but unfortunately, it took longer to dry than I thought so we haven't put it up yet. I can't wait to go find things to put on it :)

After working on the shelf, I re-painted my chalkboard picture frame, designed my phone case that I won from Jessica last month (more on that later) and then Stephen and I got to work on our Shutterfly Yearbook. We've decided to make a "yearbook" every year just to document the things that happened throughout the year since I don't keep photo albums. As a side note, in the past, I've gotten Groupons for a free photobook and this year, we got a Groupon for $20 worth of $40 in products. I won't do this ever again because the way the system works, We got one 8x8 photobook then had to pay an additional $10 in shipping fees instead of getting the 8x8 photobook for a $10 Groupon and maybe paying the extra $10 in shipping. Anyways, that just annoyed me.. [end rant]

I just realized that both years, we've used pictures we took for our Christmas card as the cover photos

Sunday, we went to church, came home and hung up a wire rack that we had in our apartment, inside our closet. I didn't have any shoe storage ideas, so we decided to hang up the rack since we weren't going to use it for anything else. I'm really excited about it because it consolidates my shoes and makes our closet look bigger!

Sorry for the awful photo quality

The rest of the day, I cleaned and caught up on the Bachelor. So far, there are lots of great girls, Lace and that flower girl are going to be NUTS and Ben seems a little cheesy (I mean, he called his parents after everyone arrived). I've got to work on my Bachelor Fantasy Draft now!

Stephen killed it and made another amazing dinner on the grill - so glad I bought that for him ;)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Linking up with Biana.


  1. Sounds like you have a very productive weekend!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! What a wonderful weekend :)

  3. The year book is such a great idea - sorry the process was a pain, but I'm glad you got your book done!! I might be stealing that idea! ox, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I really want to start making yearbooks every year! I think I will start this year as we just got married in 2015. (Still haven't made that photo book. whoops haha!)

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! We make annual Shutterfly books of our year too, and I think they are great. Blogging makes it pretty easy to pull together, because I have usually written about all the highlights. Shutterfly will occasionally give coupons out for free books, and then you just have to pay for shipping, so maybe keep an eye out for that!

  6. Great weekend! I have shutterfly books made up for every year Kyle and I have been together, but I haven't purchased them. I suck sometimes.

  7. I ove the shutter fly yearbook idea! I need to do that! :)

  8. I am addicted to The Bachelor... but YES, Lace annoys me!

  9. I love the idea of making a yearbook each year!!

  10. What a great, relaxing weekend!! That breakfast all looks so good, and now I'm totally craving a biscuit. I love the idea of the wire rack for shoe storage. My closet in my apartment looks very similar to yours, and I could definitely use that!

  11. My parents have a griddle and I always love using it!!! I want to start making photo books each year, too. I love that idea. Who are you using this year to make your photo book??