Friday, October 16, 2015

Tonight we are going to see The Martian! Stephen's company rented out a theater for their employees so we'll get to see the movie for $1. I'm super excited for a movie date night - we haven't had one in forever! Stephen said that they're supposed to show the bit from CNN Business Traveler that he's in.

I'm so bummed because my mums are dying! They were growing great until a few weeks ago. I've been watering them and they've been getting sun but not too much direct sunlight. So much for my green thumb... Any tips on how to revive them?

I'm going to count this as a big accomplishment - I finally painted our "H" on the gallery wall in our Family Room. I wasn't 100% sure what color I wanted to paint it and I was just being lazy with getting around to painting it. So glad it's finally done but now the wall looks so different to me since it sat there unfinished for so long.

Y'all catch on pretty quickly - I did a quick mention last week that Stephen was going to go to the White House and had to get some new suits. Well, the trip ended up getting cancelled (we still don't know why). We're both disappointed but I know God is protecting him from something.

Today I'm heading home from a quick business trip in Atlanta. I was so excited to finally pull out my J Crew vest and fall clothes! The weather is beautiful and I was told I hit it at the perfect time because it had been raining a lot lately. I'm slightly sad to be heading back home and leaving the beautiful weather but can't wait to see my hubby again!


  1. You were in my city! Our weather was gorgeous in Atlanta this week, but I am ready for some boot action. Love the H on your wall - I bought one for us, but similarly, don't know what color to paint it!

  2. Last night sounds like such a neat idea - I hope it was a blast! Your time away sounds great too and the cooler temps. I've been so bummed too about my mums and same exact thing, plenty of watering, sunlight but I don't think enough sunlight.

  3. What an awesome idea for a company gathering! Loving your gallery wall too! Have a great weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  4. Such a bummer about the DC trip! But you're so right with whatever God is doing, it's for the best. One of my mums is dying too so I'm no help there unfortunately haha. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. So sad about your mums! I finally got some this weekend (left over decorations from my BIL's wedding = free mums...SCORE!) I'm not sure how well mine will do since they won't be getting direct we'll see how this goes lol. LOVE how your gallery wall turned out! The H's are the perfect pop of color!