Five on Friday

Friday, October 9, 2015

This week has been so busy it's been ridiculous. I've been super busy so the blog has taken a backseat this week which I really hate but it's Friday and I'm back!

A few weeks ago, Target was having a sale on their TRESemme products to I picked up their new Make Waves gel cream from their Runway Collection. I decided to try it out Wednesday night so after getting out of the shower, I added the gel and then slept on it. Thursday morning, my hair was wavy (this is a big feat for my hair)! I really like the product because it doesn't make your hair crinkly like regular gel does and it felt very light. The biggest kick I got out of the whole thing was I cut my hair about 2 weeks ago and 4 people (yesterday) asked if I recently got a hair cut when my hair was wavy - guess I should wear it wavy more often.

Stephen recently found out that he was picked to represent his company at the White House! When we found out he'll be heading up to the White House, we ran over to Jos A Bank to find him a new black suit. They were running a deal buy 1 get 3 free (I know it's a total marketing ploy but each suit ended up being a little cheaper than just going and buying a suit from Macy's. Plus since Stephen's so tall and skinny, he needs a special size - Jos A Bank was the best choice) and he got 4 fabulous suits! He is finally set for any and every occasion that comes our way ;)

This one is his "fun" suit since it's a lighter blue than navy. Now, we need to find him some fun shoes like the ones in the picture! He looks so handsome in his suits :)

On Tuesday night, I had a dinner after work that I had to get dressed up for. It was so much fun and we couldn't leave without getting a picture!

Thursday was our first night home for the entire evening all week so I had Stephen break out the gas grill. He cooked BBQ chicken, squash and corn and oh my word, it was so good! I am so tickled he finally has a grill and can make me all this delicious food ;)

While we were grilling on Thursday, we had some uninvited visitors in our backyard and of course, I was snapping away. Two Sandhill Cranes decided to join us and they were NOT happy...

If you want to follow along my snapchat name is ashleyhirst23

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are glad to finally have a full weekend at home and we're planning on ripping out some of the bushes along the side of our house that have worn out their welcome. 


  1. Loved your snaps of those birds haha they were crazy loud!! Congrats to your husband, that is so exciting!!! And I LOVE your white dress, I don't own a single white dress :(

  2. Going to the white house - how amazing!! New suits were a must!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. How exciting that he to visit the White House!! Nick stocked up on suits during the Jos A Banks sale last week, too :) Definitely going to pick up some of that Tresemme stuff! Happy Friday!

  4. Your snaps were cracking me up!!!! The White House?!?! SO exciting! Congrats to your husband, I know you are proud!!

  5. That is so exciting that your husband is going to the White House! What an honor to represent his company! I hope you all have a great weekend. :)

  6. I need that gel. I'd love my hair to be wavy when I wake up. When you brush it, does it seem to pull the waves out or make them frizzy?

    1. I cannot brush my hair when it's curly/wavy because it'll frizz like nobody's business. Some people can but I think for the most part, it'll frizz if you brush it. You'll have to let me know if you get it and like it!