Monday, April 13, 2015

This weekend was just what the Dr. ordered. I feel like the past few weekends have been super busy (I was gone pretty much every weekend since the last weekend of February) so we were really looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend at home.

Friday, with the help of a friend, I threw a baby shower for one of my co-workers, Jessica. We had a great time and we loved getting to shower Jessica and baby Camden!

My friend came up with the great idea to decorate diapers for some laughter during late night changes. Everyone seemed to enjoy decorating the diapers and they came up with come great things! 

We had the cake made at Publix and they did an amazing job customizing it for us! 

Some pre-lunch goodies

A few weekends ago, I had the best chocolate covered pretzels at my friend's bridal shower so I wanted to make some for the baby shower. I totally forgot to get a picture of them at the actual shower so here they are drying...

More gifts arrived.. this was before anyone got there lol Also, ignore my finger in the picture... super fail

After the shower, we all went back to work on a sugar high and then later that afternoon it was time to get my new phone! Usually it takes about 20 minutes to drive from work to the shopping area... Friday it took 45 minutes so I missed my appt to pick it up. I was told I'd either have to make an appt on Saturday (the store is an hour away from my apt.) or wait 3 hours in line. I figured since I just drove 45 min to get there I might as well wait. I walked over to Ulta and found a new lipstick that I'm super excited about then wandered back to Best Buy and awkwardly waited in the comfy TV room recliners. Thankfully the wait was only about 1 hour and not 3 so I was able to get my phone and head home! I'm loving is so far and can't wait to test the camera out more!

Saturday, we  Stephen slept in then we headed out to a nearby pool to spend the day at. We just LOVED relaxing with the beautiful weather and spending time at the pool. We can't wait to keep going throughout the summer :) Afterwards, we headed to Downtown Disney for a late lunch - our usual of Earl of Sandwich and Ghirardelli's. We just loved finally relaxing and taking our time.

I'm a couple of chapters in and so far, it's very interesting!

Sunday was pretty lazy - church, Publix, laundry, nap and cutting Stephen's hair. My mom, however, threw a fun Master's party and I had to share some of her fun photos! So wish we could be there!

They had a chipping contest in the backyard

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Linking up with Biana.


  1. The shower came out so cute! I love the banner, and Publix cakes are always the best. I'm sure your friend really appreciated it!

  2. The baby shower looks so cute.. My husband would have loved the Masters party!! He is a huge golfer!! Happy Monday

  3. I’m so looking forward to that type of weekend, next weekend!! The baby shower looks great and the cake looks so delicious! A pool day sounds fabulous and I love that you can just run out to downtown Disney! The Masters party your mom had looks so great – my husband will be so jealous!!

  4. Love the decorations at the Master's party. What a unique and fun idea!!