Five on Friday

Friday, April 10, 2015

I am just so excited for this weekend! I think it is because of a mix of the events happening today, our relaxing day planned tomorrow and the fact that we're finally at home this weekend and aren't traveling anywhere.

This afternoon I'm picking up my new phone! I know getting new phones aren't super exciting to some people but I still get so excited every 2 years when it's time for an upgrade. I'm getting the new Galaxy S6 which is supposed to be a HUGE upgrade from the S3 which is what I have. I've been having some issues with my current phone and it's super outdated so I'm really looking forward to a new one. Sure it'll be the latest and greatest for a short period of time but whatever. Also, the camera is supposed to be amazeballs so (hopefully) I'll have better photos on here soon :) I've ordered a Kate Spade case which I think will look super cute with a white phone.

The other exciting thing happening today is a friend and I are hosting a baby shower for one of our friends at work! All the women in our group are invited and we're going to play a game, have some cake and enjoy a break from work ;) Can't wait to celebrate the mom-to-be today!

This is from Jessica's personal shower a few weeks ago

Tomorrow Stephen and I are going to a pool to hang out and relax at for the first time this spring. I'm not sure why exactly but I'm REALLY looking forward to doing this. I cannot wait to be back in a swim suit relaxing poolside with the hubby!

So (if you remember at all) it took me forever to finish my marriage book, Team Us. Wow this is super embarrassing because I just realized I talked about getting the book in January... what!? How in the world did it take me so long to read the book? Here's my thing, take it as an excuse or whatever, I would either forget to read or decide to watch TV at night instead of doing productive things like reading. It was a little hard for me to get into mainly due to the fact that Ashleigh and Ted are a lot different than Stephen and I so it was a little hard to relate. They are a liberal arts couple (100% nothing wrong with that) and they seem to have more emotion in some things whereas, Stephen and I are an engineering couple so everything is very literal and black and white for us (I do bring some emotion into things sometimes which makes things worse - curse you hormones). 

Some of the main topics Ashleigh talks about are expectations of getting married, becoming a team, forgiving each other, dealing with conflict, having fun together, dealing with times of distance (literally and emotionally), dealing with loss, being parents and the types of friends you have. Some of the things she talked about, we thankfully haven't had to experience yet so I will definitely keep this book as a reminder when those times come (because they will come). One of the last chapters, Ashley talks about your friendships and that you need to make sure the girlfriends you're very close with and go to for relationship advice try to build up your marriage. She also points out that those friends need to point out the things you're doing that could be hurting your marriage (believe it or not, your spouse isn't always at fault). 

Overall, I thought it was a good book, a little slow at first but the last few chapters were a quick read for me. I will definitely keep this book on my bookshelf as a reference in the future. 

I feel like since it took me so long to read the other book, I don't need to have a huge list of books I want to read but whatever - I have a big list (for me) of books I want to start reading soon. 

1. Killing Kennedy - I'm going to start Killing Kennedy this weekend because my sister read the book a while ago and gave it to me to read but I kept forgetting about it. She really enjoyed it and I've heard good things about it.

2. Going Off Script - I just love Giuliana Rancic and her new biography seems to be super good. During her press tours, I've been getting a few glimpses into what she talks about and it seems super interesting!

3. For the Right Reasons - The same reason I want to read this book is pretty much the same for Giuliana's book. I really like Sean Lowe and I'd really like to get a deeper look into his life. It also helps that I love his sister Shay.

4. The Girl on the Train - All of the books I've been wanting to read are biographies or marriage books so this fiction book seems like a fun break. Everyone's been reading it left and right and said that it's great. 

5. The Meaning of Marriage - I've seen a few different people saying they HIGHLY recommend this book. I'm really looking forward to reading this and getting some great things out of it.

I'd love to hear of any other book recommendations you have!


  1. I love getting new phones, so I totally understand your excitement! That case is really cute too! Have fun at the pool this weekend! Ours doesn't open til Memorial day:(

  2. so many good book recs! I need to get back into the swing of reading more often :)

  3. I read For The Right Reasons for the same reason you want to! Ha! A quick and fun read for sure. :) I'm reading The Girl on the Train right now...I wasn't sure about it at first but I just want to know what happens now. So jealous you are warm enough for pool weather! Have fun!

  4. Yay for a new phone! I have had the S3 and upgraded to an iPhone6! I miss my galaxy because it had more storage, but I like that all my apple products are synced! I hope you love your S6 :)

  5. I get so excited for new phones; enjoy!! I love that case too! I hope the shower you hosted went great!

  6. I just got a striped KS case for my iPhone and I love it!! You will smile every time you look at it! :)