Our Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last weekend we finally got out all our Christmas decorations and picked out our Christmas tree! I love getting the apartment decorated for Christmas and the tree makes it feel so cozy. Since we've been in a small apartment the last 2 Christmases, we've had to get a real tree. I love the smell and the look of real trees but they're SO much more difficult than fake trees. My goal after Christmas is to find a fake tree on sale as well as more decorations.

Here's a few pictures of our decorations as well as our tree.

Our wreath we got at Target a few years ago

I got this vase and flowers from Jo Ann's a few years ago. I love the glass etched reindeer on the vase.

The string and clothespins is going to be where we display our Christmas cards. Obviously, we haven't gotten any yet.

I got this print out and love it!

Sunday we headed over to our local Lowe's to get a real tree. 

Selfie with the trees

We found our tree!

We thought wrapping a sheet around the tree would help everything be less messy when we carried it up the stairs and we didn't want it to scratch Stephen's new car. It pretty much didn't work at all but it was a good idea.

People must've thought we were crazy when we drove home. The guy who worked at Lowe's already thought it was crazy.

It ended up being wider than we thought but it's cute

I was tempted to leave it like this

We got a lot of First Christmas ornaments last year and I love them!

I wanted to show a few of my favorite ornaments that are on our tree this year! This is the reason we couldn't leave the tree empty ;)

I found this ornament at Target last year and wrote UCF on the other side and the years Stephen and I graduated on the back. I also added rose petals inside from the roses that Stephen got me for graduation. 

2 years ago, my family took a trip to the Biltmore during Christmas vacation and I loved this ornament so I grabbed one and my parents got one as well

Stephen got me this adorable First Christmas ornament last year. Love the personalization!

My parents got us this Just Married ornament from Disney as well last year. Love that our wedding date is on this one!

We got this ornament from family friends last year. I love how personalized it is! It even has a rocket ship on it (not pictured) because Stephen is an Aerospace engineer. 

I saw this ornament on Pinterest a few years ago and had to recreate it since we got a real tree. I just asked the guy to cut a small piece of the tree stump off for us and let it dry out the whole month. Once it was dry, I wrote on it and included the year on the back. Stephen drilled a hole in it and then I added the ribbon. I got them to cut another one for us this year for our 2nd tree. 

The tree is complete! (Ignore the crooked star, it's been fixed)

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