Holiday Survival Kit

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Hump Day! I can't believe it's exactly one week until Christmas Eve! How in the world did this happen? It's still not too late to get some of those last minute gifts checked off your Christmas list.

I was recently contacted by a company called Man Crates to create a list of all our holiday essentials. I had never heard of Man Crates before but after looking into the company, I was so impressed. So get this - it's a company that creates basically a gift basket "Crate" for men but the kicker is they ship all their gifts in a manly container! Most of their gifts come in legit wood crates that utilize a crowbar to open them (A Christmas Story instantly pops in my head), some come in ammo cans, and some come in tactical bags! I love how creative this is. It's the perfect gift to get for your hard-to-gift guy. Some of my favorite crates that Stephen would love are the Everest Grill Crate, the Hickory Grilling Crate, the Golfer's Crate (my dad would love this one) and the Slaughterhouse Crate. They have a Crate for every man in your life.

Stephen and I have come up with a Man's Crate and a Woman's Crate to survive Christmas. These items will hopefully bring a little cheer to your holiday season as well as take off some of the stress that comes with the holidays.

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1. Stephen LOVES him some beef jerky. This is definitely a must for him since I've got him shopping and wrapping presents with/for me. Perfect snack to keep him going. 

2. Even in Florida, it sometimes gets cold and what better way to keep your toes warm than some adorable handsome slippers. The ones with the rubber sole are even better because you can go outside and not worry about ruining them. 

3. No guy wants the task of having to find an ugly Christmas sweater for a Christmas party! Easy peasy.

4. Stephen loves grilling and adding some team flair to your grill makes it that much more enjoyable ;)

5. Stephen's favorite way to relax and decompress is with video games. Sometimes things can get really stressful during the holidays - whether it be dealing with all the crazy shoppers, last minute tasks at work before vacation or trying to get all your gifts ordered or sent out by Christmas - video games are an easy way to relieve stress.   

6. No Christmas is complete without watching classic Christmas movies! This is a definite must in our household. 

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1. Sometimes trying to find the perfect Christmas party outfit can be hard. A Christmas-y plaid shirt is perfect because it's so versatile! Pair it with a vest, throw a cute sweater on top or jazz it up with a statement necklace and pencil skirt. Hard to go wrong with this one. 

2. Once again, slippers are fantastic to have on hand. I love the moccasin look and the rubber sole makes them super convenient.

3. Christmas candles makes everyone happy. I love burning candles. We especially love Christmas-smelling ones! Definitely helps with the Christmas spirit.

4. Everyone needs a beautiful, classic statement necklace. This is perfect for Christmas parties, Christmas Eve service or even New Year's! 

5. I love me some cute PJ's. Just because you're sleeping, doesn't mean you can't look cute! These are perfect especially for Christmas morning. 

6. Remove the stress of trying to label gifts for everyone with pre-printed gift tags. Just throw one of these bad boys on a gift for neighbors, co-workers or friends and you're good to go! No more hand cramps from writing.  

7. Every girl needs some chocolate every once and a while. Christmas chocolates are even better and will help melt away the holiday stress.


  1. These must haves are spot on! I agree and love all your picks. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Also, I agree that gift tags are great to have on hand! A big stress reliever :)