Hirst Christmas Recap

Monday, December 22, 2014

On Saturday, Stephen and I decided to celebrate Christmas since we'll be traveling to his family's house for Christmas this year. Friday we watched Elf and decorated sugar cookies. I couldn't believe how excited I was for "Christmas morning"! I woke up a few times anxious to get the day going. I finally woke up around 6:50 am and Stephen woke up around 7:20 am. Every year it seems as if it doesn't feel like Christmas so I know I won't be as excited, but every year I surprise myself with how excited I am.

Please excuse the makeup free selfie. We were excited!

After opening presents, we made a delicious breakfast and watched "It's a Wonderful Life". The rest of the day was filled with relaxing (a nap for me) and then cooking Christmas dinner. I love cooking Christmas dinner because it's my excuse to make the terrible for you delicious casseroles and turkey. I also broke out my china which I love and can't wait to display once we get a house. 

This year for dinner I made hashbrown casserolebroccoli salad, the best green beans, honey crescent rolls and turkey slices. It was a delicious dinner and I'm so glad we've got leftovers for a few meals. 

We had such a fun day together celebrating Jesus' birth and thanking God for His abundant blessings! Even though I'm a little sad it's over, we've still got real Christmas coming in 3 days! Can't wait to spend time with family and experience a new Christmas this year

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  1. This is such a great idea and what a cute tradition! It looks like the husband and I are going to be celebrating Christmas by ourselves this year, as I'm still getting over a bad cold and we don't want to share the joy. I found your post really inspiring!