Five on Friday

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stephen and I are very excited because this weekend we are going down to South Florida to celebrate his parents' 60th birthday with his siblings. Should be a very fun weekend! Onto my Five on Friday...

Last weekend, Stephen's coworkers asked us to join them at a local gun range for the morning. We had a great time and enjoyed spending the morning outside (even though it was 90+ degrees - ugh where are you fall??)

Stephen and I are OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works candles! Fall & Christmas candles are our favorite and when we realized we didn't have anymore fall candles, we had to go check them out - BOGO at Bath and Body Works was a super win in our books! We got "Pumpkin Apple" and "Harvest Gathering". The Pumpkin Apple candle is so delicious! Shout out to my sister-in-law who told me how amazing the Pumpkin Apple candle was!

Another fall item I'm obsessed with right now is this adorable fall print out. I found it on Pinterest and had to go snag a cheap frame at TJ Maxx to put it in. I love it and can't wait to find other cute print outs for all the seasons/holidays.

Back in March, I had the opportunity to model for the Collection Bridal over in Orlando. It was for a big wedding industry party put on by The Knot. It was so much fun and it was recently featured on An Affair to Remember's blog. Seltzer Films made a video for it as well and you can see it here. Anyways, it was such a fun experience and the blog/video was just posted so I wanted to share.

This is a Monique Lhuillier dress and it represented "Winter". It was stunning and so much fun to wear!

All of the girls. We were representing the four seasons.

I've finally joined the gym again! Long story short - there are no gyms where we live so when a gym close to work had a great line up of cardio classes, I had to resign up. I was sick with allergies last week, so Monday was the day! I've gone 3 times this week (had to miss 2 because of our trip) and will probably end up going everyday of the week the rest of my month long membership. I LOVE doing the classes they offer at the gym - they are so much fun and I always feel great after!

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