Five on Friday

Friday, September 12, 2014

Since it's about middle September I'm claiming it's fall in the Hirst household. I know the official day of fall is a few weeks away and it really won't feel like fall in Florida until November/December (if that) but I'm ready to bring out the decorations and start baking up a storm!

I have officially transitioned from pinks to reds and darker colors when it comes to nail polish. I love this color from OPI, it's the perfect fall red and it has a great name - paint my moji-toes red.

I'm excited to decorate our little apartment for fall on Saturday. I also can't wait until we actually have a house so we can get more Christmas and fall decorations and not be limited to the one plastic bin in our laundry room that our decorations are stored in now.

How I'd love to decorate my house one day. Source

I want to find something pumpkin-y to bake on Sunday to go along with our fall weekend. This pumpkin bread from A Blonde Ambition looks delish and I might have to try.

We're such old people and love to walk around at an outdoor mall/area in a bigger city near us. This is usually what we do if there's not much going on during a weekend. I'm looking forward to playing with Christmas-gift-idea-gadgets at Best Buy, looking at adding more to our fall decor at Jo Ann's and finally using gift cards we got as an anniversary gift to go out to dinner.

After taking tennis lessons on our vacation, Stephen and I are ready to get back on the court. Unfortunately our town doesn't have any public courts so we're going to try to sneak onto some YMCA courts... we'll see how successful we are.

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