2014: A Year in Review

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2014! I know everyone says it, but seriously where has the time gone? It's hard to believe Stephen and I are coming up on 1.5 years of marriage in a week and we're about to start another amazing year together. I wanted to do a recap of 2014, but since I started this blog in August, there will be 8 months of missing blog posts. While looking through pictures of our year, I couldn't believe all that we had accomplished and experienced together! The Lord has truly blessed us.

On January 5th, Stephen and I celebrated 6 months of marriage and since we got a fresh cake topper for our anniversary, we decided to eat our frozen cake. Surprisingly it was delicious!

I took my first business trip of the year and my first as a full time employee to a power plant in NC and got to experience legit snow for the second time in my life!

We also celebrated Lauren graduating from Georgetown with her Midwifery degree (not sure if that's what it's called lol)

We finally traded in Stephen's old car and bought a new 2014 Subaru Forester! We were so excited to get Stephen a new car and he LOVES it.

My parents came to town on their way to a work event and we also celebrated John and Lauren at her bridal shower!

On Valentine's day, I took the day off work and Stephen and I enjoyed a relaxing day at Animal Kingdom.

March was a very exciting month! We celebrated Lauren's birthday with some camping at the beginning of the month and then John and Lauren got married at the end of the month!

Rehearsal Dinner

For their grand entrance, they decided to make a video of them running around the famous parts of Orlando and then end with them at the reception. Stephen and Tim did all the filming and then Stephen made the video for them. It turned out amazing and it was so much fun filming and keeping this a secret! You can watch the whole video here!

The perfect snapshot

After March, April was relatively low key. We got to see an family friend, play putt putt and get some dinner at Downtown Disney.

We helped John and Lauren move down south into their new townhouse and then we drove over to spend Easter in Okeechobee. 


May ended up being super busy for us. It was something new every weekend! During the first weekend, Caroline came down and met us at Disney for a super fun, but super rainy weekend. The rain ended up being a blessing because it was a lot less crowded.

That weekend, another Hirst was added to the family. John and Lauren brought Sunny home! We had to stop by before heading home to see the little guy. Can't believe how much he's grown.

The next weekend, Stephen hosted an event for his company during the Kennedy Space Center Family Day. Thankfully, I got to tag along and see all of the historical areas during the space shuttle days. 

Good thing we walked out to the countdown clock because now it's all digital and completely different

Since Stephen helped out, we got free tickets to visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center the next weekend and we got to see the new Atlantis exhibit! They really did a great job with this new exhibit and it was amazing to see. 

The next weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we spent it with Stephen's family at John and Lauren's new house. It was so nice to visit and not have to move anything this trip ;)

Thankfully, the last weekend in May was a little more relaxing. We did our second girls dinner and painting night which is always a blast!

June was a lot more low key. We had a business trip to Houston and got to see one of our friends who lives there. June was also spent visiting Disney before our passes blacked out for the summer.

The beginning of July was super busy. First we celebrated Stephen's 25 birthday on the 3rd.

Then on the 4th, we headed over to Orlando to celebrate our first anniversary weekend. We spent the 4th at Downtown Disney and watching the Disney fireworks. On the 5th we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with pool lounging, dinner, more fireworks and our anniversary cake which was mighty delicious. 

Two days after our weekend ended, I packed up and headed out on a business trip to Denver. I have never been out west before and had a great time exploring the city after our meetings.  I traveled home on my 23rd birthday to an amazing husband who had the house decorated for me. 

I decided to pull the trigger and start my blog this month! It's been so much fun blogging and it's been really neat to see the growth and connections made during these short 5 months. 

My parents had to move my sister back down for school so we all decided to do the unthinkable - we went to Disney. Oh goodness August is the worst time to visit Disney but we had a blast and it was so good to be with my family again. It was also very bittersweet because our passes expired after this and thus the end of Disney until we have kids (we'll see if that actually happens - my sister is already talking about going for her 21st birthday in April lol)

Stephen and I kicked off September with our first big vacation together since our honeymoon. We decided to visit Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie and we had a great time.

Later that month, we all decided to take a weekend trip to the Keys to celebrate Stephen's parents' 60th birthdays. 

At the end of the month, I played in my company's end of the year golf tournament and won the women's longest drive.

October was full of trips - including business ones. First, Stephen and I took a long weekend to visit Charleston and see his best friend. Oh my word. This is the most amazing city. I cannot wait to visit again!

Then we helped host my company's big annual UF Tailgate.

The month was closed up with lots of pumpkin baking and football

I went to one last UCF football game (who are we kidding? I just went to the tailgate)

The weekend after, we visited my sister at FSU. It was so great to see my family again and spend some quality time with them. 

Two weekends later, we were back in Raleigh spending the week of Thanksgiving with my family. This was such a great trip and we did so many fun things!

December was a busy but amazing month! It's always my favorite month with celebrating Christmas. The first weekend we finished our Christmas tree and attended Stephen's company Christmas party.

I squeezed in a business trip, then we had a blast on our Disney Christmas Date

The weekend after marked the first weekend of vacation for us and we celebrated by having our second Christmas together

A few days after that, we headed out to Okeechobee to spend Christmas with Stephen's family. I even added the accomplishment of shooting a shotgun to my list ;)

It has been such a wonderful year and the Lord has truly blessed us. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for our lives in 2015!

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