Our Painted Master Bedroom

Friday, March 16, 2018

I am so excited to share our newly painted master bedroom! When we moved into our house, it had been flipped but the wall colors weren't necessarily to my liking - they weren't horrible, I just would've chosen something different. We have a light yellow and dark tan/brown color throughout the whole house and while the darker color isn't bad in the main rooms with a lot of light, it's pretty rough in bedrooms where there's only one window. It took me a while but I finally convinced Stephen to paint our room to make it brighter and with the help of our friends, it was so much easier than anticipated and it looks amazing!

We decided to go with Sherman Williams' Agreeable Grey because I've seen it used in so many other houses where it looks amazing (ShelbyApril) and this meant we didn't have to sample a ton of colors. You can check out our room before we painted it, here in our house tour after we moved in (almost 3 years ago!! What!?)



After (The lighting is still kind of dark)

We still have the TV but Stephen's working on it

We seriously love it so much! The room went from dark and shiny (horrible, cheap paint) to bright and "normal" looking. Now we want to paint the whole house - kidding, but we are going to use this paint in the nursery and our new combined office since that room is the brown color too (and maybe the guest bath that has the brown if I can convince Stephen). And if it wasn't for the help and knowledge of our friends, this wouldn't have happened so smoothly and I'm pretty sure there would have been some arguments between Stephen and I ;)

Happy Friday!


Monday, February 26, 2018

We had such a fun weekend at home which was nice for a change, especially since the next few weeks are going to be busy. Friday, we just hung out - went for a walk, ate dinner and watched the Olympics before calling it an early night.

Saturday, I of course can't sleep in anymore so I was up and worked on a few things around the house and pulled out all my winter clothes to put away before our friends came over for a photoshoot. Our good friends got a sweet puppy a few months ago and wanted some pictures taken before she wasn't a puppy anymore. We had so much fun trying to get Daisy to look at the camera and I have to say, she did a great job! They were so sweet and brought over cinnamon rolls so after the pictures, we enjoyed our brunch on the back porch.

After our friends left, we got ready and headed to Target to start our registry! It was so much fun getting our little baby swag bag and walking around with the scanning gun. I was equally excited because they had the glider I was eyeing online in store so we were able to sit in it and confirm it was the one we wanted! After we finished our scanning and running actual errands in the store, we headed over to First Watch for a later lunch. We had so much fun and the food was amazing.

Once we were done with lunch, we ran to Lowes to look at closet organizers and kitchen faucets because ours is broken. We're definitely excited for some house projects coming up - we just need more than a few days to get them all done. One project that is in the works is painting our room, the nursery and possibly the room that Stephen and I will share since we need my office for the nursery. We bought the paint and can't wait to paint our room in a few weeks!

After all the errands, I was pooped and laid on the couch for a few hours before girls night. A few months ago, my friend and I saw Ashley Brooke hosted a DIY shoes girls night and we decided that had to be our next girls night once the holidays were over. We were all finally able to get together Saturday night and were so ready to get our shoe crafting on! I snagged these shoes for $12 and as soon as I walked into Jo Ann's, I knew I had to put beaded pineapples on them. We all had so much fun and everyone's shoes were so creative! I can't wait to wear mine but I'm nervous that all the beads will fall off lol

To make the pineapples, I drew a pineapple on each shoe with a pencil then added clear tacky glue and put the beads on top. I ended up going back and doing a 2nd layer of beads when I got home

Sunday was our day to really get things done around the house which felt really nice to be productive since I come home and don't do anything after work lol

I hope everyone else had a nice and relaxing weekend! Linking up with Biana

Five on Friday

Friday, February 23, 2018

Happy Friday!! I am so ready for the weekend! On top of having lots of fun things planned (like starting our Target registry), I'm ready to be home and not to have to go into work. Working really wears me out and I definitely feel sicker at night during the week :/

The most exciting thing this week was I got to see baby girl at the genetic/measurement ultrasound. This one was held at a different office and it was so much fun getting to see her on the big screen! She was moving like crazy - doing flips and sticking her tongue out. It's so surreal getting to see her and things are really starting to sink in now that she has a gender and a name. Can't wait for the anatomy ultrasound :)

Check out that tongue - sassy girl!

This summer is our 5 year anniversary and we were going to go to Sandals Bahamas to celebrate but everyone said we still need to stay away because of zika... boo. We wanted to still do a beach vacation (this will likely also be our only trip this year and babymoon) and I didn't want to be in the car too long. I think we've settled on Amelia Island - we've never been but we know tons of people who have been and love it! It looks beautiful and it's only a couple of hours away. Hopefully we can get into the Omni and if so, I will definitely need any activity (pregnant lady friendly ;)) and restaurant recommendations.

A while ago, my friend saw Ashley Brooke's recent blog post about their girls DIY shoe night and wanted to host one of her own. I'm so excited we're finally having girl's night on Saturday! I grabbed these slides from Forever 21 (they had a huge selection in store!) but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do on them. Of course, as soon as I walked into Jo-Anns, I saw their beads and decided immediately on beaded pineapples (I'm so predictable lol). We'll see how they turn out! Worst case, they were cheap and it was a fun girls night ;)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our friends sent us a date box as a congrats on the baby and Stephen's new job. We got it in the mail a week ago and can't wait to do it! Our box had a game, kettle corn to make on the stove, apple cider and make your own caramel apples inside. Definitely a fun date night I can get behind and I might even save the apple kit for another night to continue the fun.

I just got sent my 10 year high school reunion facebook page... I feel old.

Baby H is a GIRL!

Monday, February 19, 2018

We were so thrilled to find out that we're having a sweet baby girl on Saturday. Originally, Stephen and I were going to find out the gender together then do a reveal for our families and close friends but a few weeks before, we decided to be surprised too! Thankfully, with only 2 days to wait, it was manageable ;)

We had everyone cast their gender vote and grab a sticker

We decided to do the confetti cannon/poppers after seeing how much fun it was for a few friends - and it was nice because there was NO way we could've found out or accidentally seen the color before the reveal. I had a close co-worker take the call and situate the poppers for us so everyone at the reveal was surprised too.

Thankfully, my mom stayed with us for the week so she was able to be a part of the reveal (and a huge help with everything), Stephen's whole family was able to attend and our close friends also came! It was so much fun to share the excitement with them and it could not have been more perfect :)

Team Boy
We facetimed my sister and her bf in - she thought boy and he thought girl
Team Girl

Complete surprise

Stephen was pumped

One thing we didn't think through on the confetti was the breeze.... it took all the confetti right over the roof and into the front yard. Poor Stephen spent all day Sunday cleaning the yard and roof off - definitely better to do inside.

Realizing it all went over the roof

We were really hoping for a girl (we would've loved a boy too) but we honestly had no clue what it would be and assumed since we wanted a girl so bad, it would be a boy lol We were both thrilled (you can't tell at all from Stephen's reaction - see the video at the end ;)) and I feel like I'm still processing the fact that we actually know the gender and that it is a girl!


Aunt, Uncles and Cousins

Our sweet friends

After the reveal, we grilled burgers and hung out the rest of the night. It was the perfect way to find out what we will be having :)

First Trimester Update

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Now that we've officially hit 12 weeks, I am so relieved to have a healthy baby report and be able to announce to everyone. Towards the last couple of weeks, it was getting really hard to hide it at work and I'm definitely going to be interested to see who noticed and just didn't say anything ;) I honestly doubt I'll do an update every week but I definitely wanted to cover the first trimester.

How Far Along
12 Weeks

Size of Baby
A plum ~2"

Not yet

I definitely didn't have morning sickness but I did have afternoon-night sickness. The more tired I am, the worse I feel. I basically snack all day long so that I can keep it at bay as much as possible then come home and just try to maintain it as best I can. Thankfully, I haven't actually gotten sick (if you know me, so thankful!) but I do feel awful. I am ready for this stage to be over with.

Also, definitely experiencing the typical pregnancy exhaustion. I head to bed around 8:30/9 every night but I feel great in the morning which has been super helpful.

Some nights have been amazing when I sleep all night minus the 2 bathroom breaks but then some nights I toss and turn all night. I've also woken up a few times at 4:00am and can't go back to sleep so that's fun. Still trying to decide if it's worth investing in a pregnancy pillow.

We find out this weekend!!! So stinking excited! Stephen and I were set on it being a boy earlier in the pregnancy but now we are set on a girl so it really will be a surprise!

Weight Gain
Um.. more than I was hoping to at this point - all this constant snacking is adding up. Also, not eating the most healthy constantly because I'm just eating what I feel like for dinner. Anything to combat the nausea. 

Not anything too crazy although, I had a strong aversion to pulled pork I made the other night. I've been loving fruit and fruit pops at night. Super miss sushi.

He is so excited and such a good help! He is doing such a great job keeping me level and getting me excited. 

I haven't put too much thought into it since we don't know the gender but once we find out, game on! We need to start emptying my office, which will be the nursery, and combining it with Stephen's room.

Best Part of the Week
At our 12 week appt., we were supposed to just hear the heartbeat but the Dr. couldn't find it so we were squeezed into an urgent ultrasound. Baby H was just hanging out and wanted to get a little photoshoot. We were so thrilled to see it was healthy and had a very strong heartbeat :) 

My mom and sister also came in for a fun girls weekend where we went to the spa and beach. We also announced the pregnancy on social media which was super exciting and we felt so much love for Baby H.

Looking Forward To
The gender reveal!!!!!!!!!