A North Carolina Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Since getting married, Stephen and I have decided to split the major holidays with our families since his lives in Florida and mine lives in North Carolina. This year we spent a full week up in North Carolina with my family for Thanksgiving. In a few weeks, we'll head to his parents house for Christmas. I will give a warning - I thought I slacked on the picture taking but after uploading them to the blog, I realized I have a lot so bear with me on this long post...

We had such a great time up north and loved getting to spend precious time with my family since we don't get to see them often. We flew up Saturday afternoon and headed out to lunch after arriving. Stephen had a small health scare while at lunch so we spent the afternoon in the E.R. Thankfully he is and was fine but we wanted to bring him in as a precaution. That night, we were supposed to all go to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra but since Stephen had his health scare, we thought it'd be best he stay home. My dad and I took the opportunity to have some daddy daughter time which was great! The show was pretty neat but not what I'm used to - there was a Christmas "story" for half the show and the other half was a rock concert. My dad and I were cracking up at some of the people there who just about died watching TSO perform. 

On our flight up

Had to get an airport picture while waiting for our bags

Tran Siberian Orchestra time!

There were so many flashing lights and lasers! Pretty neat!

Had to share this funny/pathetic picture of our dog, Frisbee. She's 14, has cancer and has developed  anxiety whenever my mom isn't around so now she has to wear a diaper to bed and when my mom leaves the house. Poor thing.  

Sunday we went to church and then headed to the Verizon store to look at getting myself a new phone for Christmas. Well... turns out cell phone plans aren't what they used to be so I can't "borrow" an upgrade from a family member so I have to wait to get a new one in March. However, my mom was up for an upgrade so she got the new Galaxy S5. She loves it and after playing with her phone, I can't wait for my upgrade. Sunday night we went to see Cinderella on Broadway at the Durham Performing Arts Center. The show was amazing and so much fun!! We were a little worried the guys wouldn't enjoy it but they loved it! There was a lot of modern comedy throughout the show which had us laughing 75% (if not more) of the time. A definite must-see if you ever have the opportunity.


 Monday was filled with relaxing, hiking and watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars!

Tuesday we woke up bright and early and headed over to eat breakfast at Big Ed's City Market Restaurant. This is a definite must-do if you're ever in Raleigh. Super delicious breakfast (old school southern) and the restaurant was quaint and reminded me of an antique store. After that, the guys went to do manly things and my mom and I went to get my hair cut and did some shopping at Cameron Village. We were disappointed with the shopping - didn't see much that caught our eyes - but we enjoyed spending time together!

Caroline was supposed to come in around midnight Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) but her flight got delayed and pretty much cancelled because of the incoming flight. Thankfully, Stephen found a flight out of a city 2 hours away so she drove over there, hopped on a plane and made it in around 1:30am. We are all so thankful she was able to make it in time for Thanksgiving!

Wednesday my dad made a big family breakfast (he's the breakfast guy in the family) then we spent time scoping out Black Friday deals and prepping the food for Thanksgiving. We knew we wanted to go to Old Navy so Caroline and I went to the store to find and try on all the items we wanted to buy on Black Friday. I'm so glad we did this because we didn't waste any time on Black Friday trying on clothes. 

Had to get a selfie with Frisbee

Thanksgiving morning we woke up to some delicious grits (made by my dad) and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which then turned into watching the Dog Show. We had all the intentions of getting out of our PJ's and into normal clothes for Thanksgiving dinner but it never happened... My mom was the only one not wearing PJs. It was so nice relaxing with family, making dinner and staying comfy. Around 6pm, we headed out together to do some Black Friday shopping and got some great deals! Even though we all agree that Black Friday should start no earlier than midnight, it was nice being able to come home after shopping and play a game together and watch some TV before going to bed.

We had so much delicious food and my mom made chocolate chip pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Both delicious!

We finally got dressed before going shopping

Friday, Caroline had to leave - but not before taking some pictures outside since the sun was finally shining. 

Family selfie at the airport! 

There she goes!

We decided to tag along with my mom on her trip to Petsmart. We also put Frisbee's Christmas sweater on and brought her with us. She was so funny running around the store in that sweater.

She got a new bed and looked so tiny in it!

That night, my dad and I put up the Christmas tree while my mom decorated the house. Ever since I can remember, my dad and I always put up the Christmas tree together. It's a tradition I will always cherish. I missed out last year but was thankful to be able to do it this year. 

Saturday morning we woke up to my dad's famous chocolate chip (and m&m) pancakes! The rest of the day we packed, watched football and went on one last family walk with Frisbee before heading to the airport. 

We all already miss each other and I wish the week didn't have to end so quickly. Maybe one day we'll finally live close together again... I can only hope. Can't wait for our next trip! At least now we have Christmas to look forward to.

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