Christmas Advent Calendar

Monday, December 1, 2014

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S THE 1ST DAY OF DECEMBER!!! Just in case it wasn't evident in the screaming all caps - I am both beyond excited and shocked that today is December 1st, Thanksgiving is over and we are back to 80 degree FL weather. I'll be talking about my trip later this week - we had a great trip and I'm already missing the cooler weather. Yesterday we could've worn shorts when we went to pick out our Christmas tree. I'm definitely not the Floridian who appreciates the hot weather during the winter holidays.

Anyways, we got back from our trip Saturday night and spent Sunday decorating the house, getting a Christmas tree and I had to squeeze in making an advent calendar since December starts today. I decided to make a quick & easy advent calendar this year. I chose to grab some scrapbook paper and mini clothespins from Jo-Anns and include a Bible passage to read everyday with Stephen. I found this reading plan on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

For me and the stencil I made, I used 3 full scrapbook pages and then made one more on computer paper for the 25th (which you technically don't have to include)

Seriously can't get enough of the baby clothespins 

Since we don't have much room in our apt, I put the advent calendar on our coffee table

I'd love to hear/see any other advent calendar ideas that you have!

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