A Nashville Wedding

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Goodness, it's already Thursday and I'm just getting around to writing about our weekend in Nashville. The past 2 weeks have been completely slammed (let's be real, it's really been since September) and my evenings lately have been filled with Premium Pineapple orders which I'm so thankful for! I've been pushed out of my comfort zone with some of my orders but I've been learning so much :)

This past weekend Stephen and I traveled to Nashville, TN to meet up with my family for my cousin's wedding! We've been so excited for this trip and I'm so thankful my cousin found such a sweet wife!

Stephen and I flew out early Thursday morning and arrived in Nashville around 8am - perfect time for our first stop at Five Daughters Bakery which was so delicious and an instagrammer's paradise with all sorts of adorable photo ops.

We each had one but afterwards I was so tempted to go back for another one!

After breakfast, we headed over to Draper James for some photos outside since the store was closed for another 30 minutes or so. We continued our walk down to a nearby park where I turned into a 5 year old and ran through all the leaves! That's one BIG thing Florida lacks in the Fall - the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. It brings me back to Thanksgivings at my grandmother's house in Chattanooga. After frolicking through the leaves while Stephen laughed from the sidewalk, we stopped into a few shops before finally hitting Draper James. Y'all, that store is every Southerner's dream - tons of adorable clothes, couches throughout the store, super neat southern books to look through and as soon as you walk in the door, you're offered some sweet tea! Even Stephen loved the store ;) Unfortunately, everything's out of my price range for what I'm willing to pay so I walked away empty handed with just my sweet tea.

I had to get some pictures for PPE with the Draper James wall

We had to prop my phone up with a timer to get this picture lol

After visiting everything I wanted to see in 12 South, we headed to the Parthenon. I've actually seen it before when I was younger but Stephen hadn't seen it yet so it was worth a quick stop :)

Afterwards, we headed over to downtown to see Broadway Street and grab some lunch. Broadway Street was cool to see but not really something for us - tons of honky tonks but we're not big country music fans. We kept laughing and saying how there could be famous singers around and we'd never know! Once lunch was over, we ran into the Goo Goo Cluster shop to cash in our free Goo Goo cluster bars and then we relaxed by the river. 

We knew we wanted to see the Opryland Gaylord before we left Nashville but we weren't sure when we'd have time to visit so we ran over there before we had to return the rental car. After the Gaylord, we headed back to the hotel to wait for my parents to arrive. Once they arrived, we headed out to my cousin's wife's parents (that's a mouthful) house for dinner. We had a great time and it was so nice meeting her family and getting to know them before the official festivities started.

Friday morning, we were up and at em' to go meet some family from my mom's side in Franklin (my cousin getting married was from my dad's side). We had a delicious breakfast at Merridee's and then we watched the Veteran's Day parade which was so amazing! So many people showed up to cheer on and thank all the Veteran's that walked in the parade - it was just the sweetest thing :) After the parade, we went to see my aunt's houses then we headed back to Nashville for the rehearsal and dinner.

Saturday was wedding day! We had to be at the church around 12:30 for family photos so there wasn't much time for any sight seeing. However, I did convince everyone to go to the Christmas Village at the fairgrounds. It was so amazing (I could've spent so much money there) but it was SOO crowded. My mom and I were busting through there to catch a glimpse of every table before having to rush out since we didn't have much time (my dad and Stephen were total troopers sitting in the car). I ended up finding some great Christmas gifts for my parents so I'd count it as a success!

We hustled over to the church, took family pictures and then the wedding started! They got married in the Cathedral downtown and it was SO beautiful. The reception was immediately after in the reception hall and they decorated it so beautifully. Everything was fantastic and Stephen and I finally got the dancing we've been waiting for since his high school reunion. We had so much fun!

The wedding ended at 7pm so we decided to run back to the Gaylord so my parents could see it and we could see it light up. It was so beautiful and we're so glad we got to see it at night! We were so exhausted that we couldn't wait to get into bed. 

Sunday, Stephen and I had an early morning flight back home so we missed out on a family breakfast at the pancake pantry. It was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad we were able to be there to see my cousin get married as well as see so much that Nashville has to offer! This weekend we're turning around to head right back up to TN to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

If you made it through the post, kudos to you! I have to admit, I probably won't be around here much until after Thanksgiving, so I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!