Golf and Some Caramel Apples

Monday, September 29, 2014

On Friday I mentioned I wanted to make something fall-ish again this weekend. Stephen and I decided on caramel apples. We didn't want to get too fancy with these so we did plain old apple slices and caramel dip. I always see these elaborate caramel apples at Disney with cookie crumbles and all sorts of goodies on them but they look gross (guess I can't knock it till I try it though) so Stephen and I didn't add any toppings to the apples. 

We used 3 gala apples

I got pre-melted caramel and tried to go healthier with fat free lol

Since apples brown so quickly when exposed to air, we coated them in lemon juice before dipping them in caramel. So far, it seems to work and keep them fresh while also keeping the caramel on the slices.

In other news, Saturday was our end of the year tournament for the golf league at work. My sister is amazeballs at golf so I played my senior year of high school when she was a freshman. I decided to give the league at work a try and surprisingly, I hadn't lost all my skill. It's a lot of fun going out and enjoying a round of golf with coworkers and we had a great time Saturday!

Coolest golf carts - they had touch screens! Only thing they lacked were fans ;)

We saw all sorts of wildlife - a 6 ft alligator, a huge cottonmouth snake and this big guy in the middle of the fairway about 3 feet from where my ball landed.

My shoes fell apart for the 2nd and final time... these old shoes ended up in the trash

I won the longest drive for the women! So exciting!

Won $25 for the longest drive... hello shopping

We were pretty much the only girls there

 We had a great weekend playing golf, relaxing and making some caramel apples! Stay tuned for literally the best Mexican dish we've ever eaten - I'll be blogging about that Wednesday.

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