Charming Charleston

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This past weekend Stephen and I drove up to Charleston, SC to visit his best friend and see the amazing city. I am officially a huge fan of Charleston and I LOVE the city. We are already talking about when we can go back to visit early next year.

It was about a 5.5 hour drive... for some reason the dive home seemed quicker than the drive up - not sure how that happened.

We stopped at a gas station outside of Jacksonville and they had a huge (fake) gator so naturally we had to get a picture

And they had live baby gators

Crossing into GA and SC

When we got into Charleston, Stephen's friend showed us all around the city including Daniel Island which is pretty much the most amazing little neighborhood. We ate dinner at the Daniel Island Grill or DIG which was a great little restaurant/bar. It was definitely a happening place for families, dates and friends - which I loved.

The fried pickles were delicious! 

Had to get a picture of the branded burger

Saturday we woke up and headed Downtown Charleston which is amazing! We started in the area with the unbelievably beautiful historical houses. Sorry, I'm not sorry for the pictures of the fantastic houses. 

Yes, we realized after we walked out the door that we were both wearing gingham - guess after being married over a year, you start to match.

They had all sorts of tours! One day Stephen and I want to come back and take a horse drawn carriage tour

After walking around and gawking at the houses, we decided to eat lunch at Butcher & Bee which was so delicious and the neatest little restaurant.

The restaurant was very eclectic and delicious. Apparently the menu changes often and the sweet tea is served in mason jars - so great! Stephen and I decided to play it safe and get a Cuban which was delicious!!

They had a neat old-time cash register (with an iPad on top lol)

After lunch, we headed back down to King Street to visit the farmer's market and do a little window shopping. The architecture is amazing and the stores are so much fun to browse through.

It was hot so we stopped and got a strawberry lemonade popsicle from King of Pops. It was so delicious and tasted so fresh and homemade. 

After going back home and freshening up, we headed out to dinner at Hominy Grill. Oh. My. Word. Best. Grits. Ever. Y'all - this is a must do if you're ever in Charleston! Stephen and I split the chicken and ribs meal - fried chicken, ribs, jalapeno hush puppies, turnip greens and cheese grits. So delicious and the restaurant was super neat!

Such a neat and homey restaurant

Instead of bread, they give you boiled peanuts!

My half of the food (I forgot to take a picture of the whole plate)

After dinner, we decided to run back over to King Street and grab gelato at Belgian Gelato. Stephen and I split a salted caramel gelato - so delicious!

Sunday morning we headed to church and then grabbed brunch at Charleston Bagel Co. I got the Carolina Sunrise bagel and it was so delicious!

Carolina Sunrise Bagel Sandwich - fried egg, cheddar cheese, sauted onions, bacon and tomato

After brunch we headed back home with full bellies and lots of new memories. We loved Charleston! The city was beautiful, they had the best local restaurants and there is so much to see and do. We can't wait to go back!


  1. Charleston is definitly a gorgeous city...if we could afford the rent, we would happily move there!

    1. I couldnt believe how expensive it is up there! Guess you get what you pay for