Fall Decor

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I figured since I was cleaning the house and putting things back into place after the hurricane last week, I might as well go ahead and decorate for fall ;) I love all of the little touches of fall throughout the house and the smell of fall candles burning. I love collecting new things every year during the end of season sales! (Sorry for the bad lighting - I took the pictures while our windows were still boarded up)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'm really enjoying the cooler weather in Charlotte! Linking up with Jessi


Monday, September 18, 2017

I wanted to blog about Hurricane Irma for quite some time now but we had guests every night for a week (Friday night was our first night with the house to ourselves) so I didn't have time to talk about our hurricane adventure. First off, I want to thank everyone who messaged or texted us to find out how we were doing and send prayers. It was so thoughtful and we felt so loved. Also, the power of prayer really works - the storm changed course countless times but through it all, the Lord protected us and kept us calm.

Saturday, we saw the beginning of the storm start to come through so our friend came and stayed with us since he was in an evacuation zone (long story but his wife was out of state and his flight to join her got cancelled the day before) and we hunkered down. Thankfully, we had quite some time to prepare so Stephen was able to help board up 3 houses, including ours, so we didn't feel as rushed as we did with Matthew. Saturday was low key, lots of wind and rain but nothing too crazy so we watched movies, ran around outside while we still could, I baked and the boys played video games.

Sunday was go time. The wind started picking up so we stayed indoors and played board games and video games. The worst of it was that evening/night. It sounded so awful - definitely worse than Matthew. Throughout the night, we kept hearing branches hit the roof and thinking it was our oak tree out back falling on the roof. We started to see some small leaks in the roof but thankfully, it was from the vents and not the roof coming apart. It was an intense night but thankfully the Lord got us through and once the eye was beyond us around 2 am, it wasn't as crazy outside so we were able to get some sleep. I seriously can't believe that our power didn't go out until 12:30 am Monday morning and then it came back on at 5 am - our street is seriously on the best grid!

After sleeping for a few hours, we decided to go outside Monday morning so assess the damage. We literally couldn't believe that we didn't see any big roof damage (we still need to get it inspected to verify) and there were no trees on the house! There was definitely a lot more debris down than Matthew but no body's house was damaged!! The Lord truly protected us. There were breaks in the main water line for our county so we didn't have water for a few hours. We decided to stay inside for a few more hours since it was still windy. After lunch, we walked a few streets to see the damage then started the clean up the yard. Thankfully, we only lost water for a few hours so we could shower but we couldn't drink it for a few days. The next few days, we cleaned up the outside and checked out friends' houses and helped them clean up as well.

This was the biggest area of debris. Thankfully, the magnolia didn't fall so now we're trying to pull it back into place

Since we were already doing a lot of cutting, I decided it was time to finally give our front bushes a good trim lol Everything looked so clean after all of the yard work!!

This plant got the worst of the wind and so I had to basically cut the whole thing down

We both went back to work on Wednesday which was difficult to do but we were thankful we were able to clean up the yard before going back. A few of our friends lost power for a few days after the hurricane so we were more than happy to have them stay with us until their power came back on. I'm so glad we had power and was able to help them out :) 

For now, we are enjoying getting things back to normal for only the past few days ;) Today, I left for a week long business trip to Charlotte and it seems that there's 2 more tropical storms in the Atlantic that could hit us so we'll see... Probably shouldn't have taken down all the plywood just yet ;)

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Hurricane Irma

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Well, I had a few post ideas lined up for this week but looks like we're having ourselves a hurricane in a few days! I didn't take this storm seriously until yesterday and then it was like, crap, it's not going back out to the Atlantic. Everything is a mess and people are panicking since it's going to be such a bad storm and the devastation from Harvey was so great. All of the water and plywood is already sold out but thankfully, it's so far ahead of time we should be able to get things restocked before it hits.

Keep all of us in your prayers and let's hope it either turns away or isn't as strong when it hits. I'll be taking some time off to get prepared for the storm and depending on the damage, maybe after the storm as well.

In the meantime, these memes had me laughing!

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Labor Day Weekending

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We were so thankful for the long weekend and even though we only had plans on Saturday, we were able to get a ton of things done the rest of the weekend - definitely a labor day on Monday ;) Needless to say, there were a lot of things to get done and we're glad we were at home and able to get them done.

Friday, I worked on some PPE after work, we ate Pub subs for dinner and then watched Baywatch before bed - it ended up being just okay, it was pretty silly.

Saturday, we slept in and before heading to Disney, we stopped by our friends' house to support their kids' lemonade stand to benefit Houston. It was such a cute stand and we loved being able to pop in to see them :) Afterwards, we were off to Epcot for our first Food and Wine Festival visit of the year. It was crowded but we loved getting to try some of the new foods they had this year!

These guys were so good and fun to watch!

I seriously don't know how I grew up in Florida and yet every year, I get weaker and weaker in the heat lol I felt so bad until it got overcast then I was like a whole new person!

Loaded Mac N Cheese

Ahi Tuna

Pot stickers and duck bao bun

Charcuterie in a cone

Salmon BLT sushi

Almost the minute after we got our last dish, it started raining. Thankfully, it wasn't a hard rain so we decided to head over to Magic Kingdom to finish out our evening. We really only wanted to see the fall decorations (okay, that was me), use our 1 fastpass and get a dole whip but once it stopped raining, we decided to hang around for the fireworks. We watched them from the back of the park so we were able to scoot as soon as they were over and not wait in the longest lines ever. 

We made a pit stop to the dance party before watching the fireworks ;)

Sunday we went to church and then one of our friends' came by to advice us on my business and the next steps we should take. We were so thankful for his advice and hopefully within the next year, we'll be doing some big things! The rest of the day we worked on getting things done around the house and then started Despicable Me 3 but we didn't get very far before Stephen fell asleep.

Monday, we slept in and then I got to work on a bunch of embroidery items while Stephen did a lot of car work. I finally tried out Sheaffer's recommendation on how to cut a blanket scarf and it worked!! I love how my scarf turned out and wanted to add a monogram that wasn't super prominent... it ended up being hidden because the blacks blended so well lol

Later that afternoon, we scotch-guarded all of our kitchen chairs and then ran out to shoot some pictures for an upcoming milestone for PPE :) Overall, it was a really productive weekend! Now, we're lying in wait to see what this new hurricane is going to do... pray that it goes back into the Atlantic and no one is affected!

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Five on Friday

Friday, September 1, 2017

Here we are... first day of September, Labor Day weekend and thus, the first weekend of fall!! This makes me so excited - fall is truly my favorite season but let's be real, it's going to stay hot for quite a while. And to kick off our Labor Day weekend, we are going to Epcot for the first weekend of Food and Wine and then over to MK to see the fall decorations. We are pumped! Time to get into today's 5:

So since it's now fall, I ended up picking up this chambray dress from Old Navy yesterday and can't wait to pair it with booties or boots and a scarf. I was hoping to be able to wear it for casual Friday's at work but it's slightly short in the front (I'm 5'10") so I'll just wear it outside of work ;)

via                                                              via

I also just saw J Crew restocked the shirt I wanted earlier this year but sold out... Let's see if I end up getting it ;)

This past weekend I tried out 2 new recipes and both turned out delicious! I finally made Jessi's taco dip which was ah-mazing!! I'm now making it for our cookout next weekend :) Also, for our girl's night last weekend, I made a GF dessert because one of our friend's is GF. I made peanut butter cheesecake brownies and they were so delicious - maybe better than regular brownies!

Okay, even though I said I wasn't going to do anymore recap posts, I realized I have 2 more things to recap on... my bad. Stephen's family wanted to celebrate our birthday's and since we had been traveling, we got together a few weeks later; after we moved my BIL & SIL in to their rental in Orlando. Stephen loves Red Robin and since it's a child-friendly place, that's where we decided to go - it was the perfect place to go and we had a lot of fun.

The week after my conference in Napa, CA I hopped on a plane and went to a conference in Nashville, TN. I never blogged about that trip and while it wasn't as grand as Napa, I wanted to make sure it was still captured. Stephen stayed behind for this one because we had just gone to Nashville less than a year ago. I had a great time and for our big customer event, we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame - it was a really neat place but I'm glad I didn't spend any money to go there since I don't listen to country music and didn't know who 3/4 of the people were. Our biggest surprise of the night was after dinner in the rotunda, they had country music writers and singers, Billy Montana and Steve Dean perform their hit songs and tell us stories. It was so neat and such a special thing to get to see. 

How many of y'all shopped the Lilly sale? I was staying away until my girlfriends at work had a huge group text about it so I got curious... After sitting in line for over 2 hours, I finally got in to check things out. I almost bought 1 dress but they sold out of my size right before I checked out. I may or may not have picked up a birthday gift for someone though ;)

Lastly, I'm considering offering some pre-orders for these sherpa pull over jackets. I've never done pre-orders before but I wanted to see if anyone is interested! Let me know if you'd be interested in pre-ordering a monogrammed sherpa pullover :)

As another plug for PPE ;) Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for a fun Christmas announcement today!

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!!