Weekending | Astronaut Hall of Fame Gala

Monday, May 22, 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super productive - I pretty much worked all weekend but I learned a new skill and I was able to finish a bunch of orders, oh and we attended a gala ;)

Friday, I had an all day meeting at a local hotel. After it was over, I was so tired, I just walked straight past the "team building" happy hour at the hotel bar and went home. When I got home, I went for a bike ride while Stephen skateboarded. Stephen skateboarded to class in college and gave his little brother his board; well, his little brother graduated a few weeks ago and gave it back to Stephen so he's been enjoying getting back on it after 5 years. We had dinner after and enjoyed a low key night.

Saturday, I made us breakfast after sleeping in and got right to work on some PPE orders. I learned how to digitalize a picture so I can embroider new things (I was able to do tiny paw prints, I've got to learn how to do bigger things now lol). I also found these adorable designs in my software and I can't wait to play around with them! Later that afternoon, we got ready and headed out to Kennedy Space Center for the annual Astronaut Hall of Fame Gala. We were both super excited when Stephen received an invitation to attend again this year :) Thankfully, I was able to wear my bridesmaids dress from my SIL's wedding. We had the best time and enjoyed sitting with Jeffery Hoffman this year.

Loved making a hat for Jessi :)

How adorable is this little flamingo!? I have some plans for this guy ;)

Please ignore my wind-blown hair; I didn't realize it was going to be so windy! lol

Stephen looked mighty handsome in his suit and gold bow-tie :)

With Jeffery Hoffman

Sunday, we went to church, did the Publix run except it was pouring rain when we were checking out - we were so excited for the rain because we're in an awful drought and our grass is dying but guess what? NO rain at our house... seriously!? Anyways, after lunch I got right back to work and finished a ton of things! I don't know how these people do it with a family, a full time job and starting their own company - I have a steady stream of orders but nothing crazy and I'm filling almost every weekend with embroidery! I am SO SO thankful but I need to know their secrets on how they do it ;)

How fun is this little monogram on the back of a hat!?

I'm obsessed with these metallic gold thread pillow case monograms!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! Linking up with Biana.


  1. What a fun time at the Astronaut Gala! I'm SO jealous! ;)

  2. That dog hat you monogrammed is the cutest! The gala looks like such fun, you guys looked fantastic!

  3. You look so beautiful at the gala - what an amazing event to attend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You looked beautiful at the Gala!! Love your dress.

  5. What a fun gala! You looked stunning!

  6. You look gorgeous at the gala! I love the little flamingo and those monogrammed pillowcases! Jess at Just Jess

  7. LOVE your dress from the gala! The dog I saw on your snapchat is so cute!!!!!! Woo hoo for some much needed rain, sad it didn't rain at y'all's house though! Hopefully y'all will get some soon!

  8. Girl that deep blue is fabulous on you! Stunning! LOVE my custom hat eek! Can't wait to wear it!

  9. You look gorgeous!! Girl you're so good at embroidering I need to send some baby stuff your way :)