Five on Friday

Friday, January 13, 2017

Remember when I said that this year was going to be slower and how we'll have more time to ourselves? Well that lasted all but a week... granted, I have to admit our 1-2 episodes a night of Downton Abbey don't help ;) Thankfully, my attention has been on a few different embroidery orders so I'd much rather that take up my time. But since we've been so busy, blogging has once again, been put to the side.

Since I did not blog one time this week, I need to share our weekend. I spent a lot of the weekend behind the embroidery machine which was great! I finally learned how to do applique which I'm SO excited about - I may even have some new Disney additions coming... ;) (I would be showing those Disney additions sooner but the shirt I got from Old Navy to do one on, got super twisted in the wash so I'm returning it)

Other than embroidering, we watched Downton Abbey #whatelseisnew and I had a girls night to see the movie Hidden Figures and dinner at Panera. We were surprised that the movie was actually really good and inspirational! Although, I did get some heart palpitations at seeing those equations and the thought of having to do those again, and without a calculator ;)

We had to get a picture because it was the first really cold, rainy day in FL so naturally, we all wore boots

For dinner earlier this week, I decided to make Christina's minestrone soup because it's cold in Florida. It turned out really good - very hearty and delicious. Stephen didn't even notice there wasn't any meat in it ;)

Broke out my new camera for this one ;) We still have a long way to go with learning manual...

Speaking of embroidery from above, I did a bridal shirt for a co-worker's friend and I just love how it turned out! The light pink button down and the white thread just looks so feminine and classy. Also, did you know that Goodwill gets any leftover clothes from the dry cleaners? I was told you can find some great men's shirts there with the cleaners tags still on them!

I decided a while ago I will not be watching this season of the Bachelor. I think Nick is so skeezy and from what I've heard, these girls sound like real winners. But, I couldn't swear off my Bachelor fun 100% - I still love reading Sheaffer's recaps. She just cracks me up!

I'm super excited because my sister and her boyfriend decided to come stay the weekend with us and we're all going to Disney! I can't wait to see them and spend a full day at Magic Kingdom. I'm going to bring my camera and try to test out a few different settings, so we'll see how that goes. Also, if you have any Nikon DSLR camera tips, please send them over! I really want to learn to shoot in manual but it's so confusing to me.


  1. I need to try that soup! And yes, the girls are odd ducks. There are only two seemingly "normal" ones this season.

  2. Woo hoo for cooler weather!!!! I read an article the other day that said one day last week every state had snow in it except sad, but at least y'all got some cooler weather! It has been in the mid to high 60's this week here and was actually 70 yesterday and I was over the moon excited about it lol. I absolutely LOVE that light pink and white classy! Have so much fun at Disney this weekend!! I have been wanting to learn how to shoot in manual too but it's so tricky and I usually just get frustrated with it lol. So if you learn how teach me!!!! lol. Happy Friday, friend! :)

  3. That soup looks delish! Enjoy Disney this weekend! We have so much camera stuff to learn lol. I know it will be worth it for the beautiful photos but it just seems so daunting.

  4. Enjoy your visitors and the fun that you have planned! I always love seeing your monogram progress - so cool you can do that!

  5. The pink button-up looks awesome!