Five on Friday

Friday, October 14, 2016

I'm finally back!! After about 2 weeks of spotty blogging, I'm finally back! Things have been so busy, yet so good and it's time to catch up

Even though Hurricane Matthew brought a lot of wind and rain, it also brought along a lot of visitors! A friend stayed with us 2 nights to escape the storm, a few hours after he left, my sister and her friend came to stay the night with us on their way to the FSU game in Miami and then later on the next day, my parents came over. They stayed a few nights with us which was so much fun!

My parents got in Saturday afternoon, we relaxed, watched the super close UT game and made dinner. After church on Sunday, we ran over to Downtown Disney for lunch and then over to the outlets for some shopping. It was so mice of my parents to take us shopping - I really enjoyed it since I never get to shop with my mom anymore. We all found so many good deals! We got home late Sunday night and watched the debate before heading to bed since Stephen and I had to work the next day.

My parents stayed with us through Wednesday so it was a real treat coming home from work to see them. Monday night, my mom made us a big dinner which was delicious and Tuesday night we went out to a local seafood place. My mom also spoiled us with homemade breakfast every morning!

Random: the fun part about my sister losing a ton of weight is I get all her hand-me-downs now. I was shocked when this jumper fit and actually looked flattering (minus it's a little short)

When we ran to the outlets, I found this shirtthis sweater and this skirt from J Crew Factory. I also found these wedges for only $12!! The stores had so many good sales due to Columbus Day and I was able to get a few Christmas gifts like this Kate Spade clutch and fall purse (granted, I'm using the purse now ;)).

I'm so excited because this weekend we're heading up to FSU for our 5th and final Annual Sorrick Family Weekend! Since my sister started college at FSU, we've all gone up for a football game. After my parents moved to another state, it's been so great because it's a central location for all of us to meet up. My sister graduates in May so this will be the last year we do this - we're going to have to find another location to have a Sorrick weekend next year ;)

Here's a quick look at years past:





In preparation for the FSU weekend, I decided to make a fun pumpkin snack for us to have up there. I realized I haven't made any pumpkin-y things like at all this season so when I saw this recipe for pumpkin spice truffles, I knew I wanted to try these out. They turned out so good!!

I've been wanting to test out monogramming a vest for fall. I saw Old Navy was having a 1 day sale last Saturday on frost free vests for only $15 so I had to go and get one. I decided to monogram it the other night and love how it turned out! Now I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can start wearing it :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Love when parents come into town! And that Kate Spade purse and clutch are perfect!

  2. Your mom looks like a great cook! Love your shopping finds and have a blast at FSU!

    Southern Style

  3. Sounds like you had a great visit with your parents! LOVE that Kate Spade purse. We used to drive to Florida every year and stop at the outlets and I used to find some really cute things at Bass! Love how your vest turned out!

  4. Such a treat getting to visit with your parents for a few days! I love that vest, you are super talented!!

  5. Love having visitors and family come by for a bit as well :) The FSU game is going to be so much fun - can't wait to hear about it! Those truffles look amazing!

  6. What a fun time with your family. Those truffles look great and I might just make them for a fall party this weekend. Also, your vest is adorable! Jess at Just Jess

  7. YAY, I've missed your posts, but I know you've been busy!!!! I've enjoyed following along on all your fun adventures via snapchat and instagram!! So fun having your sister and parents over recently!!!! Woo hoo for hitting up some good deals! And so jealous that your mom cooked y'all breakfast AND dinner! Too sweet!!!! You already know I love that romper and vest, adorable! :) Hope y'all have the best weekend with your family!!!!! So fun!! :)

  8. How sweet of everyone to stay with you in the storm. :) Those truffles look good...I wonder how they would be with white chocolate coating.