Hurricane Matthew Update

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Lord was so faithful to us last night and this morning. The hurricane stayed offshore and didn't end up hitting us directly like we thought. Stephen and I stayed up all night watching the news and listening to the wind and rain get worse and worse. We were SO thankful that the power never went out so we were able to keep up with what was going on outside. I think we would've had pretty extensive damage if the 100 mph winds ended up hitting our house.

God really protected us and kept our house safe. We haven't found any damage - we still have all our shingles! lol There are some tree branches towards the back of the yard that we'll have to clean up tomorrow but other than that, everything stayed put. Most of our neighbors houses are safe as well, a lot of people lost parts of their fences and some screen damage but no trees through houses.

The worst of the damage - the left tree is almost completely bald!

We were excited because the screen held up!

A LOT of people did not come out of this storm as well as we did though. I cannot believe my eyes when I see the news coverage of Daytona and Jacksonville/St Augustine. There is so much flooding and devastation which could have easily been our area. Please keep those areas in your prayers still!

Thank you so much for all the prayers and for making sure we were okay!! We had a friend stay with us Wednesday and Thursday night but thankfully, their beach condo was safe to return to this afternoon. I'm laughing because my sister is coming tonight with a friend on her way down to Miami and then my parents are coming tomorrow afternoon to stay a few days. Things will be quite busy but I am so thankful - the blog will probably take a back seat so hopefully I'll be back in 2 weeks!

Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great weekend - and the Floridians enjoy the cooler weather that's coming!!


  1. Glad that you two are okay! :)

  2. So so thankful you guys are safe with minimal damage! It is hitting us today/tonight/tomorrow morning but mainly just lots of rain and 50mph wind they are predicting. Perfect timing for our gender reveal party ;)