#hirstcoloradovacation Day 2

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Like I said yesterday, this day was going to really set the tone for the entire week and how we'd handle the altitude. On our way to Vail, Stephen wanted to take me up to Mt. Evans. Now I will preface and say we drove to the top and walked the 300 ft to the top - we did not climb this mountain. I literally would've died if we tried to climb it. The beginning of the drive was so pretty - so many lush trees then once you passed the tree line, it was pretty barren. After passing the tree line, the drive got quite scary as you're literally on the side of the mountain with no guard rails... thankfully, Stephen did an amazing job making it up and down the mountain.

We made it to the top and had such a great time taking in the scenery and realizing that we successfully made it and didn't feel sick!

While coming back down the mountain, we made 2 pit stops at some beautiful areas to get some pictures before heading back into town for lunch.

Excuse the side mirror - I was snapping these as we were driving

We had to stop by Echo Lake and get some pictures - it was SO beautiful!!

I'm so glad I made the last minute decision to buy this jacket - it was a lifesaver and matched just about everything I brought. I also bought these jeans last minute and they were amazing! It was colder than it was supposed to be so I ended up wearing them more than I'd like to admit and even after hiking, they held their elasticity. They were stretchy which helped immensely with hiking and crawling around but I never needed a belt to keep them up later in the week!

We finally made it back into the city at the base of the mountain for lunch. Idaho Springs was an adorably small city and we had a great lunch at their local brewery, Tommyknocker.

After lunch, we hit the road for our next location - Beaver Creek which is in Avon, CO and right outside of Vail. I have to say, we LOVED Beaver Creek. It was the most beautiful area, it had it's own little downtown and was so family friendly. If we ever went to CO with our kids, we'd go back to Beaver Creek and stay there. It was also a quick drive down to Vail so we had the best of both worlds :)

Since we were staying 2 nights in Beaver Creek, we decided to splurge a little more so we stayed at The Pines. It was a beautiful hotel and the rooms were so quaint - we even got upgraded with an amazing view! The hotel below was right next to ours and it kept reminding me of Beauty and the Beast.

The view from our room!!

After checking in, we took a quick nap and then headed out to Beaver Creek's little downtown area to explore and grab some dinner.

It ended up being about 10 degrees colder than we anticipated therefore we were freezing at night because I didn't pack enough warm clothes! We loved the views so we braved the outdoor seating. This night, we ate at the Beaver Creek Chophouse and then walked down to the fire that was in the middle of the town so we could warm up.

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  1. Sounds like such an amazing trip, and I love all of the photos! It is so beautiful!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! I am so glad the altitude didn't make you sick! That would have been a huge bummer! This post makes me want to plan a trip to Colorado right now!

  3. So fun! Vail is my very favorite!! Doesn't the CO air just feel so crisp and clean?! I love it!

  4. So beautiful!! I've always thought I wanted to go to Colorado but your pictures definitely make me want to!

  5. Everything is just beautiful, and that little town is adorable! I want to go to CO so bad one day!! When I do go I am coming back here and reading all of your posts again! That jacket is so cute on you!