Five on Friday: Olympics Edition

Friday, August 12, 2016

We've been loving watching the Olympics but we're so annoyed it doesn't come on NBC until 8pm! How are we supposed to watch gymnastics when they show half of it and then show the rest at like 11pm? We go to bed at 10pm so we end up missing a lot of it. Hopefully they'll play more during the day this weekend.

We really enjoy swimming but now I'm kind of over it... how many times do we have to watch the same thing over and over? But the competition is exciting to watch! We were dying because the other night, we were watching swimming and Stephen made a comment about how he was glad he knows Phelps wins - thinking it was pre-recorded. I burst his bubble and told him it was live - at least he predicted will because Phelps did win ;)

Was this not the funniest thing ever!? I get the biggest kick out of the commentators

We got to watch men's diving and it was amazing!! I love watching diving and gymnastics because I just can't get over how those people do what they do. We were so happy the US men won silver on synchronized platform diving. They also did an amazing job sharing their faith and talking about how their identity isn't in diving - it's in the Lord. I feel like a creeper but I'd love to be friends with David's wife - they just seem like such great people :)

Also, did anyone see how the diving pool turned a nasty green color? Great job running out of chemicals, Brazil!

I don't even know what to say about the women's gymnastics team... they are simply perfection! First of all, I am just so amazed at what they can do - I can't even do a awful cartwheel lol Second, they're crushing it against all the other countries. All gold?! So much fun to watch, even though we haven't gotten to watch all of it.

This doesn't have to do with the Olympics, but our AC went out last Thursday and thankfully, we replaced it on Monday. Stephen was amazing and literally helped the guys out and replaced our unit. I was one happy wife when I came home from work to a cool house. The house ended up getting so cold the last few days, it felt like Christmas! Now it's leveled out better so it's not as cold but we realized the dehumidifier makes it feel like fall/Christmas lol


  1. The Olympics have been so amazing this year! Love seeing all the gold medals the US is bringing home. I love even more how many athletes are using their platforms to glorify God!

  2. I love watching the Olympics, too!! The gymnastics is my favorite and I am always completely stunned at what all they can do lol I can't even do a decent cartwheel and they are doing crazy talented flips lol. Woo hoo for you air working! Hope y'all have a great weekend!! :)

  3. Still laughing at Michael Phelps' face! So hilarious!

  4. I've been watching The Olympics from time to time. I love that the synchronized swimmers declared their "identity". Watching Michael Phelps face while he was waiting to swim was hilarious!