Valentine's Day Goodie Ideas

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We officially have 3 Tuesdays until Valentine's day! I can't believe how fast it's coming - which means it's never too early to start planning gifts or goodies to make. I've decided to do 3 posts (one every Tuesday) about Valentine's day. This week, I'm going to cover goodies you can make on Valentine's day. After looking through my Pinterest board, I realized I have enough Valentine's day pins to last every meal of the day! So here's a little something you can do for your loved one for every meal - hopefully all these ideas end up being easy to make!

Bacon is the way to a man's heart! 

This is so adorable! I know if I made this, it would not look like this - you're amazing if you can make this

This is super adorable! Maybe I'll try to make these and the heart shaped bacon..?

These donut holes are so cute! Perfect breakfast that's quick and easy

Heart shaped meat and cheeses are the perfect lunch - even better if you take it on a picnic ;)

I love this idea! I'm not sure about writing on the pear or apple but I love the cheesy sayings!

Heart shaped ravioli is the perfect dish to wrap up the Valentine's day meals with! Even better, make it a romantic night and cook together

Nothing says Valentine's day more than chocolate covered strawberries! Take it a step further and make them heart shaped

For a little easier route, these brownies on a stick are fantastic! They look super delicious

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