2015 Golden Globes Fashion Faves & Fails

Monday, January 12, 2015

This weekend was very relaxing and fun. Saturday, Stephen and I found this fantastic little park a few miles away from our apartment. We're so excited because we didn't know anything like this existed near us - we enjoyed a nice run there. 

Beautiful scenery

We wanted to try the trails but then we got a few feet in and turned back. Unfortunately, they don't keep these up very well.

Sunday, Stephen had to work so I cleaned the apt, did laundry and watched the Golden Globes. The shows bore me after about an hour - I'm all about the pre-show red carpet! I love seeing what the stars wore and how beautiful everyone looks - sometime's there are hits, and sometimes there are misses. Here are some of my favorites of the night, as well as some of the fails...

Diane Krugar is always fantastic - I love how this dress fits her like a glove, is simple and is styled simply

I love this dress that Kate Beckinsale wore - the top adds pizzazz, the bottom is flowy and compliments the top very well. I also like that it is styled simple and her hair is up so that it doesn't distract from the dress.

Reese Witherspoon is just amazing and looks fantastic in everything... this dress is no exception and she didn't go overboard in accessories since her dress is all sparkle

Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks amazing in this yellow dress. I love the color and the dress is simple, yet has a fun design in the front. Once again, her jewelry and is simple so it doesn't distract from the dress/overall look (I'm seeing a pattern in my favorite looks with the simple accessories)

I just love Anna Faris' look - her dress is beautiful and the color surprisingly doesn't wash her out too bad. I also love her hair! Side note - loved that her and Chris Platt were presenters together.

Ugh I'm so upset Rosemund Pike wore this dress... it makes her look so frumpy! I love the bottom of the dress but the straps are too long and the cutouts aren't forgiving (she does look amazing for just having a baby) but her hair and makeup looks great!

Another one I'm upset about  - Keira Knightly's dress left me with one word "what?" There's so much going on with her dress, not to mention the HUGE butterfly that gracefully landed on her hand. She is my favorite actress and I loved her hair, makeup and that we could see her tiny baby bump but the dress was a total miss :/

Okay, so I've never seen anything with Lena Dunham in it but she always has the most odd outfits for award shows. I'm not a fan... it's always a hot mess. She could definitely find some flattering dresses, but she never seems to pick them. This time, her hair doesn't look like a mess and her jewelry is minimal so that's a start.

The belt? I don't understand the styling on this one for Kate Mara... The dress looks beautiful but then the belt killed it - it's not even dressy!

Poor Tina Fay.. I don't understand this dress in the least bit. I don't know any person this would look attractive on. Tina can kill a red carpet and did a great job hosting, but this dress was rough.

Do you agree with my picks? Are there any other looks you liked/didn't like? I'd love to hear y'alls opinions!

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