Five on Friday - Black Friday

Friday, November 28, 2014

This is so accurate... although I justify it in my mind with 2 main reasons: 1. We all go as a family (until my dad gets tired and goes home) so we all enjoy running around together 2. I can't pass up a deal knowing the item I've been eyeing for Christmas will be 50% that day. I'm going to try to highlight some black Friday deals I'm most excited for.

One - Old Navy
EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 50%. EVERYTHING PEOPLE! I don't need to say anything else. 

Two - Target
There are a few random things I want to get from here (mainly for Stephen so I can't say on here because he might read it ;)) But when DVDs are for $4 & $6 (they're not advertising crappy DVDs either), all clothes are 40% off and great doorbusters, how can you not stop by? I have noticed in the past few years that Target has stepped up their Black Friday game and has everything relatively organized.

Three - Best Buy
We're still not entirely sure if we'll stop here because the only thing we're looking for from here is a new phone for both Stephen and I.

Four - Loft & J Crew
Loft & J Crew usually have some pretty good sales going on during Black Friday. I didn't see an add on their websites (could've totally missed it) but we usually stop in while visiting the mall.

Five - Ulta
I'm hoping Ulta has some pretty good deals as well. This would be a great place to find some little things for the women in your family or friends.

Usually we hit the big ticket stores then head over to the mall and just shop the amazing deals. I'm trying to get a little more organized this year with specific lists for the people in my family I need to shop for. If you love battling the Black Friday crowd - good luck! If you prefer to stay home and shop online - enjoy shopping in your pj's ;)


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