Home Tour Tuesday | Office & Man Cave

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We've finally made it to my last post about our new house! Just in time for fall to arrive ;) Stephen and I originally wanted a 3 bedroom house that we could grow into but after falling in love with our 4 bedroom house, we realized we were silly for wanting only 3 rooms. I was imagining a 3 bedroom house that we would soon have to move out of once we had 2 children in order to gain more room and have another bedroom for guests. Now that we have a bedroom dedicated to guests, and a house we won't have to move out of as quickly, I couldn't be more pleased.

I knew we'd need to use one room as our office and quickly decided that the other will be dedicated to Stephen. At our apartment, Stephen had a projector/computer setup in our living room as our main TV/computer source. It worked out amazingly but I was not about to have a chunky projector, screen, PS3 and computer tower crowding up our family room. Thankfully we were able to put this into one of the bedrooms and deem it Stephen's man cave. Both of these rooms need a lot of work as they're not at the forefront of our house decisions.

Honestly, there isn't much to my office. I have a few pictures that I need to hang this weekend and I need to find some curtains soon but other than that, I'm not sure what else to do. We want to have kids in a few years, and this room will be used as the nursery. There are so many great office ideas that I'd love to implement but I don't think it's worth buying furniture, only to get rid of it in a few years. My desk is from my bedroom set as a kid (aka our guest bedroom) so I'm a little reluctant to get rid of it but it might be best to get a sleek, cheap desk to drastically improve the room.

I plan on reupholstering the cork board once I figure out the "theme" of the room

Since the jury is still out on whether or not I'll redo the room, here are some simpler offices that I really like.

Stephen's room is a little bigger than my office and the paint color is darker as well which makes it perfect for his video room. This room has also been deemed "the 1st child's room once the 2nd child is born and needs the nursery". #we'rebigplanners Stephen wants to build a nice screen for the wall and I'd love to add some more pictures/paintings to the walls at some point so it's not so empty. We also really need to add some sort of couch or love seat because me laying on the floor to play video games isn't working. I'm so thankful that we have this extra room to contain all of his tech-y items and make it his little getaway (and I can watch TV in the family room while he plays Battlefield with his friends). 

We'll get rid of the pillow at some point because it totally doesn't match and I think I want to hang the plane up on the wall

The screen will go on this wall. I also want to upholster the table and make it an ottoman

As you can see, we've got a lot of work ahead of us for these two rooms (and a few others) but it's fun slowly working on them!

Bookcase, Black side table & Lamp: Ikea
Woven Baskets & Black bookshelf: Target


  1. I love the inspiration for your office!! We have 4 bedrooms and the two that are downstairs, I have yet to figure out what to do with so I loved this post!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. Love that you guys are planning ahead - we had similar thoughts when we moved in last year. I love that you each have your own space too - we have the same and it's so nice to each have our own little spot.

  3. Beautiful inspirations! I love your taste. Great post! - Seri from www.Serisblog.com

  4. You two have so much space and it's so sweet how you are planning everything out for your growing family. :) I love your office inspirations!

  5. What a fun space to have and to decorate! The plane hanging would be so cute!

  6. Love all the space you have and what you did with it! :)

  7. Wow you have a gorgeous home! Glad i discovered your blog!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away