Monday, August 17, 2015

This weekend was the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation. Friday after work we were able to squeeze in a nice walk in between the storms and then we finally watched a movie on our new TV. We haven't done that since moving in and it was so much fun. We decided to watch The Watch since it had Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill in it. We thought it would have been hysterical but it was a little rough... like straight to DVD rough.

Saturday we slept in and made breakfast - Stephen broke out the waffle maker and made some delicious waffles and eggs. Stephen changed his mind about bringing cookies to poker night and wanted to bring some cupcakes since we had some cake mix that needed to be used. I grabbed some icing from Publix on Friday and when I went to ice the cupcakes on Saturday I noticed that the expiration date was Jan 2015! I don't know how that ended up on the shelf... Needless to say, I returned it and got some that wasn't expired in 2015. I wanted to do some "fancy" frosting on the cupcakes so I whipped the funfetti icing with the mixer to make it fluffier and used a homemade icing bag (cut the tip off a sandwich bag) to ice the cupcakes. It worked out super well but I think next time I'll make the cut a little bigger since I had a lot of icing to spare.

I decided to leisurely walk around the mall while Stephen was at poker night. It was super nice to just stroll around and not be concerned about timing like I do when Stephen's with me. After the mall, I got to working on a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower at the end of September. I wish I could show you what I made but I've got to wait since she reads the blog.

Sunday was an average Sunday - cleaning, laundry, naps and the like. I also realized that I super failed as a blogger and missed my 1 year blogging anniversary! 1 year and 9 days ago, I started this little corner on the internet and it was been a great journey! I'm so glad I jumped into blogging - it's been great being able to look back at all the things we've done and I've met some amazing people.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Monday!
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  1. Happy Anniversary! and those cupcakes..yum!!

    Linds @ not a mom

  2. It sounds like a great weekend! If it makes you feel any better, I haven't a clue the exact date that I started my blog. I'd have to go back into the archives to find out!

  3. Your Friday night sounds absolutely perfect and I’m hoping for a very similar one this weekend. The cupcakes look delicious!