Weekending & Wants

Monday, August 3, 2015

This weekend was very low key which was super nice after going non-stop recently. We wanted to get out and play tennis and take some neighborhood walks but it rained 90% of the weekend. Unfortunately, we've hit the time of year when it rains every day in Florida and the quick afternoon storms aren't leaving in the evening.

During lunch on Friday, I ran to a local consignment store that has a lot of designer items (hello $20 Lilly Pulitzer!) and they actually had some good finds! I didn't want to buy anything but I've been wanting to get a military-style jacket for the fall. I found a Guess jacket for $16 that is thin and had some cute details so I snagged it.

Ignore my angry face - I wasn't mad lol

Friday, I came home to a package from my dad & sister. They got us some goodies from their recent trip to Europe. They got Stephen and I some nice scarves from Scotland and Caroline was sweet and grabbed me some postcards of the royals. Now I can't wait for fall so I can wear my new scarf and jacket.

Another item I'd like to get for the fall are a good pair of booties. My sister got the best pair last fall from Old Navy and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a pair as well. I know it's not fall yet but I'm starting to look for a cute and affordable pair. I found this pair at Target Saturday but I'm going to wait a while to make sure Old Navy doesn't bring back the pair that I loved. 

Ignore my awkward squat, I was too tall to get a picture

These are the adorable booties Caroline got from Old Navy

Tonight, I plan on catching up on last night's Bachelor in Paradise premiere. Did anyone watch it last night? Was it good?

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  1. Love your treats from their trip! We were hooked last night watching Bachelor in Paradise – the entertainment looks like it might make up for the bore of this past season.

  2. It looks like you got some great finds! I think low-key weekends are perfect!

  3. I love that jacket! I am dying for a black jacket like that. Also, anything with Princess Kate on it is perfection!

  4. $16 for a military jacket!? Sounds like a great find!!

  5. love those items, I've been looking for a green cargo jacket for the fall but it is still 100000 degrees here in bama so I just can't mentally shop for the fall yet. Yes, I watched BIP and it is a trainwreck so I can't wait ha!

    not a mom

    1. I hear ya! The only reason I snagged it is because it was a consignment store but that's my feeling with the booties... it's too soon. Can't wait to watch it tonight!