Friday, August 14, 2015

It's been a long and rough week - I am so ready for Friday! We've been having a really big problem with bugs in our house lately. We tried doing our own pest control but after finding a few big spiders and some roaches in our room, we decided to call in the pros. I can't wait for the bug guy to come today and get these things out of our house!

Once or twice a year, my company hosts a health fair and yesterday they also brought in some people from Massage Envy to do mini massages. My friend and I had to get one done - it was great but only after I stopped laughing at how funny this was and after I stopped being scared one of our co-workers would see us. I definitely could've gone right to sleep afterwards. 

Something exciting that happened this week was I won 2 Disney tickets!! My company partners with Disney so they always have mini Disney ticket raffles. I never win anything so I was super pumped to win them! We've been missing Disney lately and we are SO excited to go in a month and see all the fall decorations.

If you're ever making the trip to Disney, be sure to check out my tips and tricks to Disney

So last week I mentioned that Stephen filmed a segment for CNN and that it would air yesterday at 8pm. Well we found out it was actually on CNN International and it was on in the morning and not during prime time. That was a little bit of a bummer and then when we watched the video, Stephen had 1 line... out of like 3 hours of filming and they completely cut out another one of his co-workers. Definitely disappointing but still neat to see! 

You can watch the video here. Stephen appears around 3:50.

I kind of wanted to do a quick PSA about being a no-reply blogger. Katie brought this up a while ago and I had no clue I was a member of the no-reply blogger club! So a no-reply blogger is when you comment on someone's blog and they can't reply to you within an email. It makes it a lot harder for me to reply to your comments, which I hate not being able to do, if you're a no-reply blogger. To check to see if you are a no-reply blogger and to edit this, follow these easy steps.

Stephen has a poker night Saturday night and everyone has to bring a dish. Stephen requested for me to make cookies. I'm going to make these delicious pudding cookies. I've made them a few times and they've always turned out fantastic.


  1. Such a sweet wife to make him cookies for his guys night! Disney tickets?! Um awesome, we've been dying to go! I totally understand the critter problem, we have seasons of more bugs and I seriously celebrate every time our house gets sprayed!

    Linds @ not a mom

    1. Thanks! I actually wanted to bake something but didn't want it all in the house so this is perfect! You're definitely going to have to go to Disney sometime soon! Although, I'd wait a few years because they're doing all sorts of renovations right now.

  2. I'm so jealous of your Disney tickets and excited for you! Have fun! :-) Those cookies look fabulous too.