Weekending Working on the House

Monday, July 20, 2015

This weekend was full of house work which was fun but exhausting. I feel like I need a solid 2 more days to get everything done.

Friday night I was planning on meeting with a friend to go to the Orlando Southern Weddings meet up. I was really excited to meet the SW girls and get a gourmet popcicle but the weather was pretty rough and very unpredictable so I decided to skip it since I had an hour drive home. Even though I was bummed I missed the meet up, it was nice getting home to Stephen and catching up on some shows. My birthday gift from Stephen finally came in the mail and he got me a wooden monogram, which I love and spent the better half of the weekend painting white. Can't wait to put it in our dining room!

I had to laugh because he got me the kind with the ring around the monogram because he knew it'd be more rigid #engineerproblems

Even though the weather was awful in Orlando, it was beautiful back home

Saturday, I cleaned some and then got to work painting a bunch of different things. So far, I've painted about 7 things... I'm pretty sick of painting now. Stephen worked really hard on the outside of the house by adding numbers on our house and replacing the front lights. We decided to grab Chipotle for dinner and on the way, there was a beautiful, full double rainbow. It was so bright and beautiful - a great reminder of God's promises! After dinner, we decided to run over to Homegoods just to look around (I was 100% not planning on buying anything on this trip - super surprising!) but at the very end, Stephen found a great table for our living room. This table is so neat, it extends out and becomes almost a full sized table. We figured it was functional, practical and cute #engineerproblems so we splurged and got it before someone else could buy it. After bringing our table home, we worked on hanging up more pictures.


Sunday we went to church and then hung pictures up all day. It's so nice having pictures hung, it's really starting to make our house feel like a home. I also finally got our wreath up on the front door!

Tried our hand at a gallery wall. That gap is for a wooden "H" that I still have to paint and re-hang

Got the pictures hung in our living room but now we need to find pictures for them

Today I'm headed off to Atlanta for a few days for work which should be fun! It's hard leaving the house though, when there's so much to do especially when we're expecting guests this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. So fun to see your house coming together! Just give it time, and I know it will feel so homey. Love the monogram by the way! Also, isn't Home Goods amazing. :)

  2. I like the gallery wall. Where did you find those little white shelves?