Five on Friday

Friday, July 17, 2015

I can't believe it's finally Friday. How in the world is it that my birthday was barely a week ago but it feels like months ago. Time slow down!

When I saw that ABC was going to make a TV show about the Mercury astronauts, I wanted to watch it but was worried it was going to be like Desperate Housewives. I just love the Mercury astronauts and their story, especially after watching The Right Stuff but I'm not into shows that promote cheating and affairs. After seeing so many bloggers talk about The Astronaut Wives Club, I wanted to check it out and see what all the rave is about. I watched the first episode a few nights ago while cooking and it wasn't too bad (granted I was half watching it)! I hope the show keeps up and doesn't turn bad... we'll see how the next few episodes are.

Two big things I was waiting on for the house finally arrived this week! I have to go ahead and apologize for the crappy pictures but I'm super pumped about getting them. The first is my red buffalo check curtains that I got for our guest room. I've been looking for red buffalo check curtains everywhere and basically if you didn't want to spend over $100 per panel, these were the only option. I really like how they turned out and they work perfectly in our guest room. Can't wait to show you the rest of the room on Tuesday! (Please ignore the missing blinds, we have to redo all the blinds in the house)

The second thing that arrived was the rug for our living room. I've been on the hunt for a blue and white rug for our living room and finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago. The rug is a little darker than I was expecting but I still really like it. The quality also seems to be really good and it has the perfect thickness. I'm a little worried that it clashes with the curtains but I'm hoping neutral chairs will balance out the room. 

I have to complain about primer - it is the worst thing ever to try to clean. We have 2 big, black picture frames that I needed to paint white so we decided to get a pint of primer and just use it as paint. It actually worked wonderfully and the picture frames look like I bought them with the white color. However, cleaning the brushes is basically the worst thing ever. Since it's meant to stick, it gets EVERYWHERE and doesn't come off! I swear, I'm going to have primer on my hands for weeks after finishing up painting. I'm seriously thinking of buying lots of paint brushes so I can throw them away instead of trying to clean them every time I paint. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning paint brushes with primer? #rantover 

On a somber note, there was a terrorist shooting in Chattanooga yesterday that injured a police officer, two others and killed 4 Marines. I am very thankful my family and friends were not harmed during this terrible tragedy but others cannot say the same. Please pray for the city, for the injured people and for the families of the 4 Marines.


  1. love that rug and excited to see your guest room! I've been wondering if that show was any good, I may have to try it now!

    not a mom

    1. Thanks girl! I'm hoping that the show keeps up the next few episodes! I was hoping to get another one in last night but ran out of time - yay for the weekend ;)

    2. I have three episodes of Astronaut Wives to catch up on and I wasn't completely hooked from the start but I'm still giving it a shot. LOVE the curtains they look so nice and I really like that rug - we have a similar one and I just love it.