San Francisco | Day 2

Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm interrupting our normal Five on Friday to bring you the 2nd part of our San Francisco trip! This day, we woke up early and were 2nd in line for breakfast at Honey and Honey Cafe which was delicious! The restaurant definitely got full very quickly so I'm really glad we got over there early - they also had the best fresh-squeezed orange juice that they made right in front of you. After breakfast, we walked over to get our rental car downtown then loaded up our things and headed for the Painted Ladies. This area was so pretty and picturesque San Fran. We had lots of fun utilizing the tripod here lol

Once we were done with the ladies, we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped and took pictures in Chrissy Field (that's the name of the sundae we always order at Ghirardelli's lol!) before driving over the bridge to take more pictures at basically every stop along the side of the road. We seriously couldn't have asked for a prettier day or clearer skies!

Thank goodness for the tripod!!

Once we were done with our pictures, we headed over to Sausalito for lunch. We decided on Napa Valley Burger Company which was ah-mazing! After lunch, we continued to walk around the little town, got some ice cream and took some pictures. It was an adorable little town and the perfect stopping place before heading to Napa :)

After Sausalito, we headed to Muir Woods to see the Sequoya's! Stephen was super excited about this part of the trip - we had a great time here and were so amazing with how big the trees were! It was the perfect hiking distance and there were a few trail options. When we first got into the park, there was a new baby fox den and one of them came out to play!!! It was literally the cutest thing ever! I wanted so bad to scoop him up and take him home with me... I told Stephen I could hide him in my sweatshirt on the flight back ;)

Before going to Napa, I did some research on Julia's blog to determine what spots we needed to hit. She highly recommended The Fremont Diner which was on our way to the hotel. It was the cutest little diner and had a delicious sounding menu! Since I'm trying to stay good on my nutrition plan, we split the pimento cheese appetizer and a salad. After dinner, we made it to our hotel and crashed.hard. We were passed out by 8pm and slept 10 hours. It was glorious and the perfect way to help me get on Pacific time. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Come back next week for my recap of Napa!


  1. I love that y'all took your tripod!! Y'all seriously got some amazing pictures and all of the ones of you and Stephen need to be framed!!! They are seriously so good!

  2. These pictures are definitely framers!! So much fun!

  3. Our photographs turned out beautifully! One of my favorite things about visiting the West coast is the time difference, because you are typically up before the locals and it's not as crowded.